TokenPress Discontinued until further notice

in tokenpress •  10 months ago 

The reason behind TokenPress discontinuation is largely to due with the super shitty host I'm having to deal with in order to have it seen in the public sphere so folks could watch the progression of the frontend. Unfortunately my hosting provider completely sucks balls and as a result, TokenPress had to be taken offline and moved to a localhost server once again to continue it's development and testing in it's early Alpha stages and until I can get a superior hosting platform that'll support the project.

It's not an easy feat to develop a frontend for Steemit, not by a long shot, especially when considering that I'm converting a WordPress and BuddyPress installation, forking them to work with Steemit.

It's unfortunate that it has come this far and yet having to run into this one hickup due to servers being complete shite and for that I apologize. Especially since I've had 4 folks so far asking to get in while it's still not entirely ready.

I will have the site up once again eventually but for the time being it'll remain on my local machine as I continue to develop and test the service. My apologies to everyone that was looking forward to using it and thought it was exceptionally different from what we've had so far on Steemit.

Don't worry though, once I have the finances to get a decent server, at least a decent grade VPS for the time, I'll have the site back up public facing and by that time, it might be open to receiving folks in to test it out themselves, but do expect to periodically run into bugs. Bugs will need to be reported to me so I'll be able to properly test and replicate the issue and fix it accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update in regards the the working name TokenPress (using a working name to prevent namesquatting). And to those interested, don't worry, everything will be back up on the surface web soon enough, probably another 2 or 3 months and by then it'll be ready for early beta testing I believe. Plus during its beta testing phase, it'll have it's official domain up as well rather than the working name of TokenPress.

One of the other main things I want to incorporate into TokenPress is the ability to utilize multiple tokens. This includes but is not limited to ENG, CCC, PAL, SHIT, WEED, and many, many others. I'll have to work with communication on these tokens by their owners to come to an agreement with utilizing their tokens within the TokenPress frontend. I'm not sure entirely if this can be done, but it's definitely something worth attempting. I'm sure it can be done, I just don't know how, yet.

Thanks again for your time in reading this whole thing. I'll let you guys do your thing. You don't have to upvote this post, I just wanted to let it be known on why the site is down. The host I chose sucked, and thus I chose poorly. We'll have a new home soon enough ^_^

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