Toy of the Day: TMNT Farmer Don

in #tmnt4 months ago

Very hard to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Farmer Donatello is one of our harder to find toys in the store right now. Honestly think these are very undervalued due to the rarity compared to some other higher priced figures and playsets in this toy line.

Farmer Don.jpg

Not selling here, just showing off some of our inventory.


Nice... How's the business going?

Working harder then ever to make less...seems like the theme of 2020 for business owners. People don't like spending on things they don't "need" when there is uncertainty and this year is full of that. Plus no shows to get my typical quick infusion of income is really hard on us. Way to many items are to much work to list online due to lower price points, but sell quickly at shows. We had stocked up for the show season and then it was canceled before it even started.