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You get a tip and I get a tip

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I noticed today that some people I follow (@acidyo here and @stellabelle here) have already noted Zilliqa's SocialPay marketing campaign. I am kind of obsessed with twitter tip bots (see here, here and here). The gist is that services like coinkit and cctip allow users to post little tasks (usually to pump their affiliate link) for others to do (usually re-tweet the original tweet) and get rewarded in tiny crypto payments. With Zilliqa's new SocialPay anyone who has their Zilliqa wallet registered who tweets #Zilliqa and gets 5 likes earns 25 $ZIL (worth about USD 0.17 if I'm not mistaken). Too easy!

I decided to give it a try. First, I tweeted

"Hi folks. Just popped in to test the new #Zilliqa tipping feature. Go to for more info ...".

That's got 3 likes so far. Not enough to earn 25 $ZIL. Sigh. Then I noticed that all the other tip bot nerds I follow were offering tips and also using the hashtag so I tried a second time:

"Testing #Zilliqa out again with tip @cctip_io airdrop 100000000 rich 100".

Now I'm on 6 likes. Success. Yay! I also noticed that lots of people in their tweets were saying "please like" because the default action for monetised tweets is retweet so most people would not automatically like the tweet.

Anyways, there a couple of interesting things about this that I thought about:

  1. A lot of the coins/tokens that are offered in monetised tweets (especially if you use cctip) are the sh!ttiest of all sh@tcoins. In my monetised tweet I used a sh^tcoin called $RICH. I am rich in $RICH. It gets thrown around like there is no tomorrow. In other words, tipping is its main use-case (I guess similar to how $BEER is used on hive/steem but 100x sh*ttier). This is now a thing. My tweet paid out 1 million $RICH each to 100 people that retweeted my tweet (the syntax for monetised cctip tweets is @cctip airdrop total_amount_of_coins/tokens code_for_coin/token how_many_people_share_the_total_amount - so in my tweet above 100 people shared 100 million $RICH. coinkit has a slightly different syntax but basically the same parameters) ... so it looks like a lot (but REALLY it's not!)! That means I am happy to throw them around to try and get you to do something (like my tweet so that I can earn 25 $ZIL). This Zilliqa campaign is a great use-case for these sh&tcoins!
  2. This is like a two-way tip bot (you get a tip and I get a tip - share the love). It's very clever (at least I think it is!) I wonder if more crypto projects will deploy something similar as a marketing strategy (this is what the @stellabelle is about - she thinks hive should do something similar)? Added to that, it's an easy way for the campaign to reach a lot of people. I think we will continue to see more innovations in this space.


  • It seems you're only able to do claim 25 $ZIL every 24 hours. I am going to try again tomorrow and tip another cctip sh%tcoin (I will try to remember to put 'please like' in my tweet).
  • The campaign is only for a limited time (about 3 days) so get in fast if you want some free $ZIL. I wonder if they will do it again or if it is a one-off?
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thanks for the mention....
i was wondering how the cctip thing worked.....ahhhhh so you were mining rich on telos eh? i wondered who was....yeah, i think we should try various marketing campaigns then analyze the results...
the main thing we gotta do is when we get new users, give them a checklist of things to do so that they can find their own home here.
that's what i am working on next and it will appear in teh @hivepeople account.

Hi. No I didn't mine rich. I got it by retweeting other people's tweets. Here's the Alice and Bob scenario.

Bob has an affiliate link he wants loads of people to use and sign up to so he can earn some extra money. He has loads of this sh!tcoin called rich that he earned from monetised cctip tweets. He thinks, 'This sh%tcoin is sh$t but if I give it away for free folks will think they're getting a great deal! I'm gonna post a tweet with my affiliate link and ask people to sign up. To make it seem like they are getting something in return I will add a cctip to the bottom of the tweet. That way all their followers will see my tweet too!' He thinks, ‘If I get loads of people signing up with my affiliate link then I guess that sh#tcoin wasn’t so sh~t after all. It’s useful for something.’

Alice follows Bob on twitter. Whilst scrolling through her feed she notices Bob's tweet. OMG I can get some of that sh!tcoin just by retweeting Bob's tweet. Sweet!' She didn't bother clicking on Bob's affiliate link but that's OK because she still gets her free sh^tcoins anyway.

I did essentially the same thing with the #Zilliqa giveaway but just asked people to like my tweet for the 25 $ZIL.