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RE: Spider Coccoon

in #threespeak2 years ago (edited)

I didn't use my downvote yet, and ... probably there are no such content in my feed )) But... I wonder what would be the response. I think a downvote of my latest post ))))


it's kinda scary to use the downvote, to be honest! i also try not to use it, but since i think it is the new way of things, i try to at least be open minded.... maybe i can find a teacher that can teach me on how to use the downvote.... and where.... aaaah

sorry to hear you had a downvote on your last post! i hope you wont take it to heart, since your contents are really wonderful :D

Oh no, you got me wrong, or I was unclear. I didn't have downvote of my posts after HF, it was just my suggestion what would the one do whose post is downvoted ))

I think we'll manage all hardforks :)