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My Dear Friends!


my video is about my country Pakistan. I tried to showcasing Pakistan in this video. Pakistan is really a very beautiful land. It is a place of beauty. Every month, thousands of tourists come to Pakistan and explore the beauty of Pakistan. This time in Pakistan all sectors are developing. Pakistan is the economic center of the whole world. There are landscapes, mountains, desert, sea, river, canal and glacier in Pakistan. If you are looking for a tourist place, then Pakistan is the best place.


Pakistani culture is very rich. There are many cultures here. There is culute of kalash, punjabi culutre sindhi and pathan and balochi culture in Pakistan. Each culture has its only attraction for people. Each culture has its own values.

Pakistan is a peaceful and very protected place for everyone. Pakistani citizen gives respect to foreigners. so if you look for comments from foreign visitors about the Pakistanis, you will not believe they liked Pakistan very much.
There are many places that are considered heaven like the valley of Kaghan, Muree, Naran, Khaber Pakthon Khan, many areas in Punjab. So come to Pakistan and travel to every corner of Pakistan.

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