Self Help for Trolls Intro (podcast and video series)

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Self Help for a Trolls is a video and podcast series about leveling up and having fun in the process, finding peace when it feels like everything is falling apart, becoming the greatest selves we can be and collaborating to make the world more awesome. As a "troll" I hope to poke fun at and break down this idea of the guru or the all-knowing-ness that teachers are encouraged to portray. I hope we can tear down a stage a bit and share the mic with as many people as possible.


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I'm happy to see that you actually made this happen. Can't wait to start listening to it when I can find a moment of calm.

Bye for now :>)

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Good on you for stepping up to the mike with great intentions! Any effort to make the world a better place is alright with me - hope all goes well and it brings much peace and happiness!

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KDENlive is free and seems to do a pretty good job if you want video editing. I can't tell you how powerful it is because I'm not a pro power user type, I just know it's done everything I need it to do XD