What Are the First 3 Things You Tell Someone Who's New to Crypto ?

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Hello everyone,

Last day, the official Steemleo handle has featured a blog regarding what will be your first 3 things that you are going to tell a non-crypto user. A non-crypto user is a person that only knows about 2018 Jan peak price, in my case whenever I talk someone over cryptos, 2018 price-hike is what I get to hear from all of them. Nothing wrong but few of such non-crypto users have taken blind-shot and now feeling trapped. This happens when you follow the sheep herd and turns in any direction where the group goes. A lot of people want to have hands-on cryptos but very few of them spot on the adaptability and applicability. Most of them go with the price - hike & dump.

So what are going to my first 3 things?

1. Advancement before money game

Ans. Cryptos are more like technology that can drive internet market to the next level. It is revolutionizing the internet and it is not limited to the money aspects. If you are here to go for money-game, just bail-out! You will not go much further with money tactics only. Understand the technology and fit it with the problems that you are facing in your current business or life, adapt it and that's it, you are ready for the long race with maximum green flags in your way.

2. Don't rush

Ans. People get panic when they went on an unknown adventure without a plan. Without planning it is like going randomly in random directions. Don't believe in anyone, any chart, any graphs blindly. Things are often sugar-coated to create hype and following them will lead you to a bigger mess and then you will end up blaming such infrastructure. Better to learn than blaming others for stuff that you don't know or do not force yourself to learn them.

3. It's not that bad during bearish days

Ans. One thing is for sure bearish days are not that bad because during this period all the temporary hype is all gone and you are left with the people who are either interested into the current developments or wanted to be a part in the long race. So if you are holding a long during such periods than you are looking it from the future perspective and sudden pump-dump will not affect you in any way. Such days will open a wider view of other cryptos as well.

I am limiting this blog to 3 points only. I hope you get the sense that I am talking here. Cheers!