Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


How do you do it so effortlessly?? I tried Krita software this week and I find it difficult to keep my grip lol. I ended up choosing not to post. I guess dedicated practice is the only way. You did a lot of details on both the girl and the fairy. So talented because they are visible although they are all done with one colour.

On a side note, I hope that spring helps to get through the burnout and make you feel better, or perhaps a small break from everything. Enjoy playing with your dogs and have a great weekend @veryspider!

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Does Yashny has a drawing tablet and pen? It's not that different from drawing on real paper, I think? Specially with the Tilted Pencil tool :)

And yeah, I hope a break will do me a lot of good :D ! Thanks, Yashny <3333333

I loved this drawing and the video, I certainly feel like you make a video and make a gif animation is a lot of work, but hehehe you have to admit that when you finish your video is a great personal satisfaction.

You have great technique in your videos, but a break is good


Thanks, Jesus :) Yeah, videos are not my thing, I mean I don't mind doing them from time to time, but doing posts after posts that are videos are a bit tiring for me :)

That's a nice looking profile and the scene looks like it comes from a fantasy book. Her cloth has pretty embroidery, I like how you designed it.

Have a fun weekend with your doggos! :)

Thanks, @scrawly <3

Doggos are rejuvenating and full with goodness \o/

Wow, it's definitely not a speed drawing how were you able to show this pencil drawing in this video format? I see this one basically took a whole lot of effort but what do I know, you should continue with 3speak when you find the time. You have this thing for the tiniest of details

This is a digital drawing, the software is Krita, and it has a brush called "Tilted Pencil" and it is my favourite brush on Krita :)

I will return to 3Speak, I'm sure! It's just that I prefer drawing on paper, and sometimes I do it in between meetings or during breaks at work, so video-ing is not always possible when I do traditional arts :) But yes, 3Speak is a great interface :D I really enjoyed it very much!

I really love it! Your style is so unique @veryspider.. I should visit some art blogs like yours more often, because I really enjoy looking at the art you create.. keep up the good work <3

Thank you, @anouk.nox <3 <3 <3 You are always so nice * ___ *

beautiful girl, and her fairy companion, a very professional video @veryspider

Thank you very much, Andrea :)

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Ahh good, pull back a bit and spend more energy doing your own thing, even with resigning and commenting less you still do so much for other people. The world needs more spodey posts! And yeh I get what you mean about throwing attention at brick walls, there's quite a few people that want others to come pay attention to them but don't want to reciprocate and then wonder why nobody pays them any attention.

Good to hear 3Speak is a good experience :D

Though I think I'm going to stick to dtube for now XD

Now where's the problem with the profile? Looks fine to me XP Very pretty in fact so there. I really love the flower crown! And the fae wings they're so cute, can imagine them shimmering in the light as the pixie flitters about the flowers with butterflies or something.

And yeh I get what you mean about throwing attention at brick walls, there's quite a few people that want others to come pay attention to them but don't want to reciprocate and then wonder why nobody pays them any attention.

Yes, this, 100%

Me personally, I don't want / need more attention, per se. But I think it'd be good for Steemit as a whole if people are less self-interested.... IDK~

Ah well :D

Imma just be a retiree spoder for now and not worry so much about others (for a spell) :D Breaks are gud~

Thank you for kind comments, fyn!!! I really liked the wings too :D I might draw this fae again with them wings :D :D :D

I definitely don't want people to pay attention to me, just to the things I'm making XD

It would be good for everything if people were less self-interested.

Breaks are definitely good! If you do end up drawing the fae with those wings again I'd love to see it :)

Hahahahaha I mean how can you not want to take a break when spring has started and the sky is blue? 😂 Loved the drawing but what stuck with me was the mention of two dogs! Lol I have two myself and I’m basically their butler/chef/massage person 😂 They pay me in licks and I’ve yet to figure out how to turn that into crypto haha

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Spring is here and the sky's blue and the weather's so wonderful * ____ *

Doggos are the best * ___ * I am also their servant like you XD They pay me in hugs and loveliness and if you figured out how to turn that into crypto, please share with meeeee


hahahahaha oh I will let you know as soon as I find out...

You must to make a comic or manga with a interesting story some day.

I will try! One day!

I can totally understand you're tired. You worked so hard and gave the best comments. I noticed it and miss it but I can imagine how much effort it takes every time. I'm unfortunately terrible with commenting :( I hope you can recharge again and feel better. Hugs

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Thanks, Sander :) Im glad you can empathize~

I was feeling guilty for the first few days about not being able to continue to leave comments at people's posts since I had been doing them so regularly but then I had to do it cuz I was really exhausted. I'm sure a break will do me a lot of good :)


If you keep pushing yourself too much the fun goes away and eventually you completely quit. I can understand that of feeling guilt or like it’s wrong to change routine Because it doesn’t feel right. It is not easy to take a break when you are used to it. Take a break before you break yourself! You deserve it :)

Thank you for all your work and support, you are a rare and very kind "spider"! @veryspider

Thank you for all your wonderful artworks and thoughtful contents, @tracer-paulo <3 I love your stuff, and I'm super glad to have been able to find you and support you <3

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This is adorable and I think you did a good job drawing the profile.
I've always wondered how one can have the energy to make all those kind comments! Thank you for every one of them :) I totally understand you're tired...

Thank you, @patschwork :) I love reading your posts, you are always so thoughtful and wonderful~ Incredibly talented with both your photography and your artworks, and gorgeously approachable <3 Love your stuff so much~

I think this is beyond words. It raised my eyebrows in surprise.

Thank you very much :)

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gives spidey all the hugs and love Such pretty art as always!

I just wanna say amazing job with all the engagement and commenting you''v done all this time! I don't think I'd be able to do even a fraction of the amount of effort you've done

You say you're gonna be more of an "average" Steemian but to me you'll always be a super amazing spider❤❤❤

Hope you have a super great time with your doggos you deserve it!!!

hugshugshus thilah <3333333

heheheh thanks thilah <3 you're very kind * ____ *

i'll be chilling out for a bit~ yaaaaaaaay~ :D :D :D

Gorgeous drawing as always!

Thank you very much <3 !!!

I think I already wrote this, but your engagement and commitment to others is really impressive.

Your deserve to get some rest, and continue posting your very own stuff, your very own way, Miss VerySpider ;)

Nice drawing, btw. I love the sweetness here :)

cheers :)

Hahahah, thanks Pascal <3 You are a delight to my heart * ____ *

I love supporting others, specially talented and lovely people, like yourself! But yes, a bit tired for now :)

Love your beautiful artworks so much <3 I always feel happy whenever I see a new post coming from you <3 !!!

It’s just beautiful! So elegant 😍

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Thank you very much :)

No matter what, as long as you still producing, we shall meet each other still!

Yeah :D Thanks, lailai~

Did you celebrate mooncake festival, btw? :D

I didn't sadly, the older we get, the less we celebrate these traditional festive days... Well, at least I still manage to have one mooncake!

How about you?

Such a beautiful drawing Spider. Your Spring Spirit reminds me of Nicole Kidman again. And the little fae is delightfully perky.

I'm SO happy to hear that you are going to wind down from commenting ~ My mind can't comprehend how you can curate and comment whilst still keeping some energy to do your own Spider works. There needs to be such a fine balance. And I'm sure you'll find it. Going outside and appreciating all the colour and gifts of Spring is a great way to be. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Aaah, thanks, Ally! :)

Yeah, I'm burnt out, alright~ Will try not to do too much for a while XD

Yep, spring is gorgeous * ___ * Will definitely try to NOT take it for granted this year :D

You'll most likely be torn ~ Well I have been. I see work/comments that I want to respond to but know I need the time to create. And that needs SPECIAL time ~ Not just a few minutes inbetween posting and commenting.

Some breaks become longer than intended. But are good for our sanity and the re-entry into our creativity, from which we can emerge as more energized and skilled artists.

I need to write a post like this too Spider ~ And tell people I can't comment as much, but will always leave my symbol of love and peace and balance as my way of saying how much I appreciate them: ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Yes, you really should! I was feeling so guilty and carried on longer than I could, to be honest! Cuz I was worrying over people who may have started to expect my comments would come no matter what be it hail or rain, so I limped onwards and then I crashed!

Suddenly a day came and I just didn't want to do anything and it felt horrible~

After that, I realised I should have stopped myself earlier, dummy me . __ .

Made the post just in case those people are wondering what's happening. They can then check out the explanation :) I think this is okay. If they are curious, there is the answer in the post. And if they are not, then it's fine not to worry about not commenting on them..... Kind of?


Breaks are great \o/ !!!!

Cuz you're right, we can't just suddenly be creative in those small spaces that we come up for air~ It's just not possible > __ < !!!!

Awarding Spider: The Being True to One's Self Award. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Beautiful work veryspider: so delicately drawn and whimsical; makes me happy. Wish we had the seasons in LA sometimes;
Here we just have two months of rain, two months of extreem heat and 8 month of perfect weather. (not crying too hard)

Thank you very much, @twirble :) LA doesn't have seasons? :O So it is similar weather all year around? That's........ kinda nice, too :D You can always travel when you want different climates, that way :D !!!

Well I am from Maine so I do not miss the seasons too much. Maybe fall, but the last few years I was there fall made me sad.

Yep, I thought you were from Maine (cuz of those beautiful posts with gorgeous photos from posts that you titled as 'home town') but I thought maybe you were also familiar with living in LA and I didn't want to assume one way or another haha

Aaah, I can relate with feeling a bit melancholy when going back home ... I'm originally from HK and it makes me sad when I went back there last time > ___ <

I guess it wasn't related to the weather though, just.... general feeling as if time has warped a part of my childhood and things were.... different now.

I moved back to LA in 2016 for the third time in my life; I miss New England but I have a similar melancholy there. Not completely the weather but the long cold winters did not help my mood much.

Do you want to go back and live in HK one day? I will probably go back to Maine at some point in my life because most of my family is there and I want to be with my parents more when they are older.

I dont think I would, to be honest, it's very difficult to feel like I can uproot more and more. Culturally, and friends-wise, and job-wise, etc.

HK is such a concrete jungle, and I have gotten to appreciate living in a less metropolitan place in Melbourne. I used to think apartment living was the best thing ever, but now I have a backyard and I dont think I can go back living in a shoebox again XD

Very cool veryspider! Your art is definitely in harmony with some of my posts and the thoughts that have been occupying my mind this summer!

Thank you, Cindy :) I'm glad to hear that some of my contents resonate with your thoughts :)

🦋 🌸 😘

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The profile looks right to me. The eyelash of the hidden side pops out in a cool way, makin' it look deep... 3D-ish. And the girl's expression is really nice, her mouth and chin are pretty. Seems a spider continue with spring feelings. That's great! Here autumn is coming and with it visions of beautiful big ass moons.

Thank you, Zeen <3 Your comments are always the best * ___ *

Aaah we are on opposite climates~ I love autumns, the best season, to be honest! Spring is okay but it means summer is coming, and I do not like summers > ___ <

I only dislike super cold winters. Like below 5ºC, or maybe around 0ºC. In the past two winters there were freezing temperatures with freezing high-speed winds. Was awful. A papaya tree in the garden died. Most houses suffered broken water pipes. :( The houses here are not built for that kind of weather. Inside the house it felt like a refrigerator, it's usually colder indoors than outside. It's weird cuz a winter prior to those, it was a warm one. I remember wearing shorts and drinking a delicious cold beer on christmas. So how were the mooncakes? How many did a spider munch?

Our winters don't get THAT cold. We barely reach 0 degrees at the most extreme! And that would be a freak incident.... Up on the mountains, we do get snow, but not down in the cities~

The mooncakes were delicious :) I only ate one though, cuz it's super rich :)

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