Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


Ohhh serene and spooky one, I like it. I wonder what kind of story she has, I think it might be a sad one based on her expression. Like an unrequited love, or great loss of a loved one. And it is fun to see how you draw, the fact that you can do it without mistake means that you've got a great understanding of art stored in your spider head =).

Hi Scrawly!! Hope you are well. I miss all of you guys :-)

Hii BD! It's been a long time. I see that you're taking a long break from posting too, I hope you and your family and fur family are doing well! ^^

Yessss, a tragic type ! I will write the story maybe for Halloweentober~ Wuhuhu~

Aaah, my MIND PALACE is a disorganized chaos but it sure can be useful from time to time (when it cooperates) :D

Thank you, scrawls!

You gave a very accurate description what is creativity:

This is partially why I love letting my hands draw without any planning, you see? Because the process allows for exploration of ideas inside my head.

But she is sooooo sad. Is it because of Friday 13th coming or you have something .... in your heart?

I have no stories about myself with Friday 13th, and I think we here have no idea about Mid Autumn festival. It will be interesting to see what other steemians will post on this Friday :)

Yesh, sometimes it is wonderful being spontaneous :D The creativity juices flowing~ flowing~ !!!

She has a sad story, I can feel it! I got the ideas as I draw her, but I will try to write it soon :D

I'd say - it is always great to be spontaneous ^-^

Look forward to the story :o)

Hahaha, oh yeah, I do have a good story, my son was born on Friday the 13th. A very mystic child.
Great drawing here as usual my dear friend!

Your son was born on Friday the 13th??? XD That's so cool! He must indeed be a mystical child! :D

Thank you, as always <3 !

Hahaha, he has cost me many gray hairs my friend.
Blessings to you!

We are nearing our fall season and you are probably looking forward to summer. I love this time of year when the temps are cooler and the smell of fire is in the air. Your sketch reminds me that it is so near. Hope all is well with you! :-)

Yes! We are swinging into spring here, but winter remains sticking around for now.

I love autumn! I get a bit jealous just reading that you're gearing up for fall :D

Hope all is well in your parts of the world, also, BD <3

Thank you for this wonderful article.

I've also shared your post in the Steem Malaysia Community Page on Facebook, hoping to give you the extra exposure because of its good content. Feel free to join this community page is you wish!

I hope by doing this, more content creators/bloggers/vloggers will get to know this wonderful platform we both thrive in. :)

Keep creating awesome content!

Thanks, Zord!!!! :D

Uhh Friday the 13th is coming...perfect date for a dark themed artwork.

I really like how your monochrome illustration, great atmosphere in the. Maybe a little more dark in the background would underline it even more.

Yep yep, perfect for spooky arts!!! :D

You're right about the dark background too, I might do that if I re-visit this drawing :)

Thank you!

I love to see this kind of videos and that little by little the image is formed. Beautiful work as always @veryspider

Thanks, Freddo~ Happy that you likey :D !

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Thank you !


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Hahaha. She DOES have good volume. I wish my hair would do that instead of just sitting there.

Yeah, my hair's a lazy mop, too! Can relate lol~

Thank God for reading your post today because i was not aware something is celebrated on this upcoming friday

Yeah, Mid-Autumn festival and Friday the 13th! Both at the same time ! :D

An exciting day :D !!!

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Dark. I like it!


Yes!! But the public holiday is on Saturday and I am five days work...
And I didn't recognize the black Friday D:
Will there is werewolf or vampire behind your girl~

Oh, the public holiday is on Saturday??? That's unfortunate! > __ <

I hope you will celebrate a wonderful mooncake day, @nanosesame <3 !!!

Hohoho maybe a werewolf AND a vampire will appear???? :O

Full moon and Friday the 13th? I should lock myself at home:)

Certainly it will be a portentous day !

what a beautiful drawing! So romantic

Thank you very much <3 ! So kind of you~

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Hahaha "spoopy". Wanna read that story dude. Hopefully it would have some spoopy elements in it. You should publish it on Friday the 13th ヒヒヒヘヘヘ. She's a lovely facial expression, though it is melancholy evoking.

Yes, spoopy~ Will try to publish it in Halloweentober because I dont think I will have time to write in the near future~ Busy, busy spoder :3 :3 :3

But! Will try to nom as many mooncakes as I can \o/


I have them~ XD;;;;;;;;;;;

Mooncakes? What is munchcakes precious?


They are yummo!!!

 last year (edited)

They look yummy for the tummy. Read about'em. Wanna some of those now :( Weird but, just by seeing them, I got a feeling of autumn, like the climate of autumn. Perhaps the colors? Autumn always gives me some melancholy feelings. Blue but cool y'know.

Yeah, they do look autumnal in colours, but it is SPRING here.... very mixed up, living in the southern hemisphere... XD

Maybe you can find them somewhere to buy and taste this Friday? The holiday is celebrated by all Chinese descent people throughout the world :D

I really love your drawing. It's so amusing to see art that shows a lot of emotion. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great week ahead!

Thanks, @sgbonus :D I'm glad to hear this comment :)

I loved watching the video at 3Speak Spider. I loved how you draw so intuitively. The part of the drawing I particularly loved was the final detailing of the eyes. Just a tiny sprinkle of white magic made her eyes come so alive.

I have a Friday 13th synchronistic story. The night before Friday 13th a friend had a dream where he was standing looking out over a huge expanse of water. There was an incredible bright ~ Blindingly bright glow in the sky and the water divided.

As he was telling me about the dream, I remembered having heard on the radio, on the same night, about the significance of a comet appearing when Mosses was standing in front of the Red Sea and the waters divided so that he and all his people could walk through the channel created for them. My friend knew nothing of this and yet had that dream. And it was only that I'd heard the radio program that we knew what it meant. I love that sort of magic. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you, Ally :)

And woah, that's pretty spoopy! I love such stories as they make me feel as if there are invisible connections throughout our universe :D Thanks for sharing ! <3

I love that you return to the black and white color, I am also a big fan of its effect on art, beautiful girl "full moon"

Thank you, Andrea :) Yeah, black and white is very elegant and classical~

Another excellent spider job. with the watercolor brush.


Thanks, Jesus!

While I am not a superstitious person... there's just something about the date Friday the 13th that doesn't sit well with my brain.

It certainly gives one a chill!

These videos of your drawings being made are amazing! Do you have everything planned out as far as when you do this part and another part? Spontaneity in doing something like this is really a talent! *Sorry, I had missed where you said you did no planning, lol.

Also, approximately how much time is actually being used in the 27 second clip? Great work!

Thanks very much :) No, I do not have any plans when I do my videos. I find it easier to draw without too much premeditated thoughts...

And haha, no worries, sometimes I missed things too when I skim read :)

I wasn't really paying attention so I dont really know how much time, but it wasn't more than a few hours :)

Nice dark ambiance on these one :) These black and white sketch rendering is a great choice.
I love the neutral expression and the way she looks at us... Spooky :D

Merci beaucoup, mon ami !!! I am glad you can feel the dark ambiance, as that was the aim ! <3

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I love the way you made her eyes to be very dark while leaving high lights on the other part of the face

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Thanks very much for such a nice comment <3 !!!

It's going to be the 13th AND a full moon. i'm going to sacrifice a pizza.

pizzaaaaaaa! that's a great idea for a sacrifice!

im sure the elder gods will be appeased :D :D :D