My Thoughts on Social Media Censorship: Why Steem is Golden

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We are currently in a work where people have been deprived of their rights to socialize on a platform that was meant to be for socializing. Facebook today are deciding what contents should be posted on their platform and are busy closing people's account daily.

Truly, people have been deprived of their rights to socialize.

Thank God for a social platform like steem where we have the full rights to :

  • Socialize
  • Create Quality Blogs
  • Earn value for our time, data and efforts

This message is what I'm mocking up to present to a group of friends in a business seminar to Promote Steem

Add what makes you think that steem is golden in the comments section after watching the video.


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I totally agree with your content @uyobong that steem have really most people the privilege to share their content and to showcase what to have to show to the society. It is really lovely

Yeah, on Steem Blockchain, we do not just socialize by engaging one another's Content, we also earn value in terms of cash for socializing.

Above all, what makes steem much more beautiful is the fact that we create quality content which is highly appreciated here.

Thank you for stopping by.

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I am also agree with you we are always lead censorship in this platform cause steemit is king all social media.. Steemit help to us to create amazing community for our future..thanks if dont mind subscribe my channel

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Yeah, this is where freedom is freely offered. It's sad that some people are actually buying their enslavement on other social media platforms.

By this, I mean that many are spending so much money in data just to post on social media and they get nothing tangible on return.

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