Today, I'll be Rewarding Your Good Comments with BIG Upvotes Worth $26 Courtesy of @Threespeak || Watch this Video!

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Yet, you have not met an innovative social platform like Steem and you've never used a magnanimous Video sharing platform like

You do not just earn money posting videos, you also can earn BIG $ by making good comments like you will have in this video.

I'm given the privilege to reward good comments with $26 worth of upvotes when you watch the video and respond to it accordingly. You have about 20 hours left to do so from the time of creating this Video.

If you are new to @Threespeak, (You do not have a steem account) your task is to:

  • State your willingness to join us here and how you will contribute your skills to better this platform.

Be informed that I introduced @ttsptoductions to this platform barely 10 days ago, today they are worth more than $50 😲😲 Yeah, that's true. It's your turn too.

NOTE: Steemians must watch the Video to know what is expected of them.

Good luck to you all. You're just a comment away from becoming $ rich by making good Comments.

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That was a very stressful and demanding set of steps to get here . The blockchain seems to be complex. I hope I would find it easy to be acquainted with the steem platform.

I hope I can start sharing my videos right away?

Thank you Mr @Uyobong for sharing your video to my notice.
Thanks for the free account creation link you gave me.

I need some more guide to create my first post.😂

Hmm, this is how I become a blogger 🤣

Please am waiting for my first dollar 💃🤸👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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This is my best Comment entry for today and I'm excited it came from a New steem user. Thank you for taking the pains to follow the processes to finally have your account set.

Steem is a place where there is freedom to share your thoughts and 3speak is a place where you share your videos uncensored.

You will have to acquaint yourself with the blockchain before you make your video subscription. I will guide you through in few Days.

Thanks for being here with my invite voucher.

Share your original contents and earn some good value for your time and data.

Welcome to steem, the best blockchain.

Welcome to 3speak the best video sharing platform.

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Wow! Great happenings here on 3speak. Congratulations on your 3speak ranking. It's a reward for your dedication, hardwork and consistency.

For me, the Goal for December 2019, in prep for 2020 is to JOIN 3 SPEAK and will start to share my life stories and reports of my @Blesstheorphan project on 3speak.

@Blesstheorphan is a charity project targeted at orphans and the vulnerable girl child. When I start up this project which will have steem and 3speak as sponsors alongside my @Steemchurch community. I think that will speak for Steem , 3speak and other communities that support the project.

Happy curation Sir.

Awesome goal for Steem and @Threespeak. Expecting you soonest here!

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For the vision of Steem, I see it as a new ERA of WEB being formed. Where we would see the websites/communities being tokenized that is backed by STEEM. This is going to be a huge game-changer as till date if we look around I don't see websites that are paying/rewarding the content creators to their fullest. Its just a mere pie that website owners get from Adsense and the major chunk of Ad revenue is taken or eaten by Google. In a similar fashion other popular social media websites also do not give out anything and are just reaping all the benefits from all the hard work put up by the content creators. STEEM As a blockchain and technology is going to change all of this - where I see the content creators getting the major part of the PIE.

On 3Speak I see it as replacing Youtube in the near future. Currently, people search Youtube if they want to find anything and Youtube doesn't reward all the content creators due to its stringent policies on watch time, subscriber numbers etc.. On the other side, 3Speak is changing all of this & putting the content creators at the forefront and rewarding them as far as they can..So altogether I see 3Speak has the full potential of becoming the No.1 decentralized Vlogging platform providing a WIN-WIN situation for all the parties involved.

What I'm gonna do is simple - put genuine content, share my experience and spread the word about this amazing technology and the LIFE time opportunity in FRONT of us all. I'm already leveraging STEEM plus plugin on my website [] to spread the STEEM word and am currently working to revamp it further to point to my 3Speak videos as well. Cheers & Thank You afor all your efforts.

Awesome to hear Your vision @healthdear. Thanks for the awesome content you are already putting up here on the 3speak Platform. I was so excited when I noticed your channel that one could have nutritional and health related guide from your videos.

You may please share this video to help your followers and friends to join this fun and enjoy the amazing $$ comment Rewards.

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I can't be more excited watching this video. Congratulations on delegation. You deserve it.

Like I would always say, STEEM is my home and would always be. The few years I've been here have sure been rewarding.

On this note, I will not stop creating good contents both written and videos. Thanks to @threespeak, which has made video posting easy and exciting.

I won't stop telling friends about this awesome platforms. I'm glad that I told you about STEEM and I'll keep drawing people of your sorts down here via my promotion.

Sooner than later, many will come to the knowledge of how rewarding steem and 3speak is when compared to other social media

Thank you friend for telling me about Steem. One of the biggest gifts you ever gave me. Beyond what you told me, I'm scaling steem blockchain everyday and it has become a career home.

So proud to tell others about it because here our time and contents are well Rewarded. @Threespeak peaks our video contents.

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Congras. You've done a lot of work and you deserve it. I missed mine, but I hope that I will not miss after 16 days from now.

About the vision, I see steemit just like facebook after a few years and 3speak just like youtube. I think when all facebook users realise that they poster all the time for free while they can earn from that, they will all move here including other social media as well. About 3speak when youtubers realise that they can earn money from their first video they will all join here.

About what I'm gonna do about all this, I think I'll take a big part in this by inviting Russians, Arabic and even French people to the platform. I know all those languages and I hope to find active people from those communities to help me invite them all. I think the international community is huge and we should focus in inviting, not only English speakers, but even those who speak other laguages. Every single corner of the world should hear about us, that's what we have all to achieve in 2020. :)

Thank you @Clixmoney for making the first submission and stating your visions for Steem and 3speak.

You've been here and I know how much you've contributed to the growth of this platform. I know you would live up to your words concerning contributing your quota to make 3speak and Steem great too.

You may also consider sharing this for your friends to be a part of this awesome reward for just commenting.

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For Tub Cat, the vision for Steem for 2020 is simple. Become a well known curator of quality content and encourage new users to not only create good content but to become passionate users of the platform. Tub Cat joined Steem in one of his various forms in 2017 and received a lot of support and encouragement from other users of the platform. This Cat does not see as much support given to new users as we did back then, so I strive to provide that support with the limited time that I have. And this will, in part, be achieved through curation.

Tub Cat sees @threespeak as an excellent platform that is certainly bringing about a fantastic amount of innovation in the video content creator space. And the @threespeak team certainly are highly active and excellent at encouraging the use and promotion of their platform. Will this platform dominate the likes of YouTube? Probably not in the short to medium term. As for the long term, time will tell. But it certainly gives content creators an excellent way to immediately start generating an income from their content creating efforts. And that is incredibly attractive.

What does this Cat plan to do for @threespeak? I plan to curate as many good quality videos as possible and to support those who use this platform. I already engage with a few @threespeak content creators with my current favourite being @atheistrepublic.

In time I hope to become a video content creator myself on the @threespeak platform. However my workload is quite large and my free time mostly taken up by work on my property and family.

But this will change in the future (hopefully). But until then I will engage and curate, curate, curate.

Curating with and on 3speak platform is rewarding and I encourage you to continue. In the near future, video Creators will increase with the wide promotion of @threespeak. This places the demand for more quality Content curators.

Thank you for engaging vlog. I hope you'll share this message for your followers and fans.

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3speak will be very kindly famous. youtube doesn't pay the money to the beginning. Making money on the first video is a desire to do better. However, more publicity is needed . if here have a many type of video like funny, helth, news etc, then why people will see youtubr ?
More promotions needed for 3speak.

Yeah you nailed it right. We hope that more content Creators will join us here on 3speak and the future will be brighter than we ever imagined for this platform. I hope you'll contribute your quota. A win for 3speak is a win for Steem!
Thanks for stopping by.

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Hi there, it's such a great opportunity to belong to this great community. In response to this video, we can clearly and boldly say, with such great trust, that in the year 2020, 3Speak will be a leading online reservoir with a life changing reward system for creativity, thus, enhancing productivity and intellectual revitalization. To be a part of this transformation plan, as a music group, we will contribute by consistently posting our original music videos here. We will share our posts to other platforms which will also convey our fans from other social media platforms over to 3Speak, hence, creating more awareness and increasing the user base of the 3Speak platform.

Well I didn't know you've gotten to the spot of the top 30 wow! That's pretty much huge work done there by you. I guess I've been lazy and well you've managed to churn out videos and well taken time to do well for yourself, well I think I've seen some videos of @ttsptoductions really the guys are really bringing it well and you've excelled a lot in the onboarding duties by all means. Enjoy your Curation game lol you've earned it sir.

Thanks for those very encouraging words Jose. You keep inspiring me by your consistency and growth on this platform.

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You're welcome really, cheers to always bringing quality!

Well at the moment the crypto things are still quite fresh and new developments are made almost every passing day which makes it a hub of activity and thus leads towards generating a lot of interest of people and ultimately gravitating many people each day to the field

Steem in this field is really doing great as it is equipped with the tag of being the FIRST DECENTRALIZED Social Media that is built on a blockchain and is powered by a cryptocurrency with which it is filled with a lot of amazing features distinguishing it from others and has been quite successful in bringing in people to the platform, already more than 1.5 million users are thereupon STEEM :)

Well for 2020 I really feel that this thing is only gonna grow bigger and with this growth, it will make STEEM's visibility reach new heights. With the advent of more and more audiences upon here, corporates would like to investigate what's the reason behind the thing that's happening which would result in some investments for sure.

On the other hand, as we see social media today, they really suck out majority of the earnings from the ones of really give the effort towards creating the content which deprives the deserving ones but only because of the great revenues upon platforms like YouTube the ratio is not that noticeable but what if the same creators get the same opportunity upon STEEM once the investments are made and the visibility has skyrocketed ?

The results would be amazing !!

In the case of 3Speak, I do find it to be one of the most quickly emerging platforms and it is all because of the planned steps which are been powered by numerous amazing features and most importantly gifting the thing that most other platforms take away namely #FREESPEECH !

All of that would power 3speak to a great deal of creators hopping onto it as day by day it's popularity increases, it would soon become a major hub of activity which ensures the creator getting a major chunk of the revenue with which you're guaranteed not being censored!

BTW, I would like to appreciate your effort towards bringing out such an interactive way to utilize your part of the staked vote from 3speak, this really would bring up great ideas and would let people know what others think how it's gonna be in the coming days!

Great Job Mate !

P.S. Congrats on being in the TOP 30 !!

Thanks so much for your time and we'll thought out communication concerning where you see steem and 3speak on 2020.

Surely steem is growing and only the visually impaired would not see.

Let's keep being around.

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Yeah @uyobong
will first of all say congratulations for being amongst the first 30.

I would have never be here if you didn't encourage me to be on this block chain @steem
mostly @threespeak,
Seriously If I was serious back then to join this platform, but now really feel bad (sad) 😪 why I didn't join ever since.

Being apart of @steem and @threespeak
I have gotten a whole lot to learn benefit from and also gain a lot too.

@threespeak I have learnt to create videos of my own and also to face the camera not being shy or worry about my language (speak) since it's free speech 😃☺👍👍

My Vision:-

I really think that @threespeak should bring in a video reality to @threespeak platform. This really really help and will be more interesting ( will also help in promoting threespeak).
That is what I want on the @threespeak platform.

my vision for @steem
I also want @steem to create a chat platform for conversation and interaction, this will make @steem more interesting and fun.

Also will introduce my friends (art friends) to @threespeak to be sharing videos of lessons that will help people out there who are interested in art to watch and also learn how to draw.

Thank you 🙏🙏 @threespeak and [@steem]( for helping and molding @imadear ☺🙏

First I wanna say congratulations sir @uyobong..You have finally made it there. Your efforts, consistency and commitment were not in vain after all

You made STEEM your home-platform to say and you encouraged others too to join. Your enthusiasm about steem is what pricks me the most.

I could remember vividly when you told me about steem last year and you even took a step further by registering and opening an account for me.
You taught me the basis things I ought to have known about steem and many more. Though I had some issues and challenges with my gadget (phone) but you didn't give up on me, you constantly encouraged me and try to help me sort out the problem. This zeal was only caused by STEEM😂😊 the awesome and rewarding platform.

And again not too long, you discovered another fantastic platform @threespeak where I could share my videos and bring people closer to steem via Facebookz Twitter, Instagram and more...
I was like Wow, steem just got cooler😅
Another privilege to share, and this time not just written documents but a live video. Tell me about it.

To summarise all. My days on steem have been quite rewarding...this platform is way innovating, way creating and way too rewarding.

The privilege to encounter great people with great minds with the things they have to offer is sure rewarding. This groups of persons on the steem blockchain has made my days on steem quite enjoyable too
The likes of @darlenys01 @theycallmedan, @surpassinggoggle, @sirknight and many others

Apart from the earnings and tokens i make, steem has helped me build up myself. It has help me improve in my writing skills, my vocabulary and even my way of reasoning and seeing things
@threespeak is another platform that has helped me tell other what I do and the things am good at.
Steem is a platform I wish to bring others to
I can't just enjoy this great things steemoffers and keep it all to myself . No! So I will keep telling others about it...
And again. Congratulations sir @uyobong. We are pleased by your hardwork and we won't relent efforts in telling others about this wonderful block chain "STEEM"!

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Thanks girl for being strong here on Steem and being an example that a teenager can actually make a difference and contribute valueful contents.

Thanks for your wishes and wish. But how will you contribute to the growth of Steem and 3speak come 2020.

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My vision for steem come 2020
"I wish that more like other social platform that steem can become more and easily accessible, such that one can freely and easily open his or her own account and start using, thereby bringing and drawing more attention to the block chain, personally I find it very easy to tell my friends and people around me about steem, but the question" how do I join this platform"? Or question like "can I just open an account on my own just like Facebook and the rest"? I become lost, or think of a ready answer to give, unlike other social platform where one just need to do everything on his own with his or her gadget without much protocols...So I find it demanding that steem becomes a more accessible platform coupled with the awesome things going on here.

And my vision for @threespeak come 2020 is that threespeak being a platform for live videos and the rest. I suggest that the community create a medium where most of the live videos from users and lover of threespeak can be accessed by others, such as raw files gotten from downloads, offline saves just like in the case of YouTube and other. that is, one can download a particular video they feel the would like to have as raw files to reflect on it again or can just save it offline and still make use of it in future. With this, i can assure a rapid growth of the @threespeak community
People round the world will get to know threespeak and will grave to be a part of such unique platform. Either to share, learn, get files or documents from there or do many other rewarding things.

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 last year Reveal Comment

@uyobong, This Opportunity is boosting and encouraging for Content Creation, Content Curation and Commenters Economy.

Congratulations for coming up in the list 📃 of Top 30 Threespeak Content Creators and hope that your journey will be continued as successful as it is.

This is the difference between Centralised and Decentralised platforms, in Decentralised Ecosystem everyone have the same opportunity to grow.

Keep up the good work brother and stay blessed.

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Thank you for always engaging by videos. I have enjoyed your company this much since o started sharing on 3speak.

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Welcome and thank you so much for your kind appreciation. Have a blessed time ahead.

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@uyobong you are the reason for our success.
When you introduced us @ttsproductions to the @threespeak, platform we never doubted your words.
Youtube had been our home of show casing our movies before now.

Unfortunately for the google owners of youtube we as a company have shifted base to embrace @threespeak on the steem block chain as our favorite and exclusive movies content show casing platform.

We have seen results more than you had even projected. The steem blockchain family is a united one.
The love in the air here is more than we could ever comprehend.

Our interactions with people like @theycallmedan, @upmewhale, etc.
has not only changed our perception of life but has increased our confidence in the system.

We have seen real life philanthropist here, had opportunities to meet with men of timber and caliber. @uyobong we say may God bless you for us and also the steem family on the threespeak platform. Together we can achieve more.

Long live the steem blockchain !
Long live the threespeak platform !!
Long live the great people on the steem steering the ship.....!!!

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I'm so excited to see your growth on the 3Speak and Steem Blockchain. Keep being special.

We see 3speak take over the Video internet space on few weeks from Now.

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 last year Reveal Comment

Wow good job you are doing here on the steem platform. We are impressed and excited, someday we will have our own dapp too the system, that's our dream.
Thank you

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Wow have read through your comment section it is awesome the benefits one can draw from 3speak and steem block chain.
How do I start my Journey?

Posted via @threespeak. This is a comment proxy account. The comment above was written by a 3Speak user that has no Steem account yet. To learn more about 3Speak visit our blog @threespeak and our website This comment was posted through 3Speak on behalf of: Akpan

Thank you real Big for your interest on Steem.

We can actually help you create an account in few minutes. I will send a free account voucher for you to create one and start your journey.

Besides, what will be your choice username, so I can check up on you once you're done.

Meanwhile, thrill yourself with my other videos.


Posted via @threespeak. This is a comment proxy account. The comment above was written by a 3Speak user that has no Steem account yet. To learn more about 3Speak visit our blog @threespeak and our website This comment was posted through 3Speak on behalf of: Akpan

I think the account would be available.
Here is your free account voucher:

Happy Steeming experience.

When you're done, save your keys and come back to Comment here for your upvote.

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I have successfully credited my account Emeraldgee.
How do I post with it?

Posted via @threespeak. This is a comment proxy account. The comment above was written by a 3Speak user that has no Steem account yet. To learn more about 3Speak visit our blog @threespeak and our website This comment was posted through 3Speak on behalf of: Akpan

I think using @Partiko app is an easy way to start and with your mobile phone.

Here's my referral Link:

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After downloading the app, login using your "active" key and you can begin to Engage. I'll lay hands on some guides for you.

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Welcome to steem @Emeraldgee

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Thank you. I'm finally here.
I hope I won't be disappointed

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Please comment on the main frame of this Video for ease of visibility.

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Congratulations @uyobong!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

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It's Amazing the things one could do on Steem. 3Speak is taking Steemians places with the exciting experience of recruiting Content creators for the Future. Grats bro for making the Trending list of Content creators on 3speak. I am planning to join the 3speak platform and educate my fans and followers on my latest knowledge on Crypto when I get a good device for a video setup.

I also have a question for you. Since I am a musician, can I share my musical performances via 3speak?

Great plans. Yeah, you can share your music videos as long as they are yours. Expecting you soonest.

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