Interested in a Blockchain Project that would Power Agriculture

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Agriculture is without doubt has the capacitu to build the economy of a nation like Nigeria which os so blessed with fertile land and diversity in agricultural resources but it's sad that food is so costly in this part of the world.

Reasons for this anomaly are numerous but corruption tops it all. Many government's proposals to support and boost Agriculture has always failed as 90% of the resources given out do not get to the common farmer.

Blockchain has the solution!

I'm thinking of a decentralized blockchain project that can help:

  • Afford farmers with information
  • Fundraise money for farmers with viable proposals
  • Train Farmes on emerging technologies
  • Help farmers connect themselves and control the market of their products
  • Make farming lucrative...

I wish the Steem and Telos blockchains can profer solutions. I'm ready to support such projects...

Please watch the video and drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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Good thought,you have here.
I have actually watched your video from top to bottom and i have listen carefully to the plight of the farmers. But I think this can also be made easy with introduction of education, call it adult education or agriculture extension classes. etc, first to teach them how to use electronic gadgets that can aid the blogging, being that some of them as in the farmers have not been to the four walls of a school and also to created awareness of what the block chain is all about.
Having done this(that is creating the awareness) there and then will the famers appreciate the steem block chain and cooperate.
It is a good idea.
Keep it up, sir.

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