Healing our Heart & Information Ecology: My Comments on Daniel Schmachtenberger’s ‘War on Sense Making’

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This is the first time I have found another human that I agree with 100% - amazing! Daniel shares almost exactly my own understandings and conclusions regarding thought, logic, human interaction, problem solving and 'sense making'. I’ve made a commentary here on some scenes from a nearly two hour, excellent video produced for ‘Rebel Wisdom’ that addresses ‘sense making’ or in other words ‘getting to the truth of things’. In particular he covers in a very detailed and precise way, many of the ways that the information we encounter in life is being distorted and deliberately twisted for a variety of reasons.
I tend to share this information in fragments with many people online, but that cannot be as effective as his approach here is due to the level of depth required to understand the finer points – which he dives into very effectively.
When understood, the framework of balanced perception shared here has the power to unite fragmented mindsets - it is very much what I understand to be the underpinning of compassionate anarchy. I feel like being able to show people this video might add a number of years to my life as I no longer need to keep repeating myself, trying to explain the complexities of how I understand that information needs to be approached in the modern world.. Now I can just point people to him instead.
The full video is below.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Yeah definitely there are times it seems as if we've found out the shortcuts of having to get people to understand our core perceptions without sucess. I definitely do not know this man Daniel Schmachtenberger, but he's got incredible knowledge that's a little bit complex on human Sense making. Almost one hour long video and it seem you can go on and on

It's worth listening to the full video at the bottom of the post - maybe more than once!

Yeah definitely, I get carried away, I've saved it to rewatch later

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Good post i read your all post and i like you vloging this my first visit your comment list i hope you seen my blog and support or advice me...thanks..?♥

Greetings! Thanks for reading/listening.
Are you using an online translator to write the English in your posts? I am not able to really understand their content.