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(I drop more F bombs in this one, just a heads up!)

Big congrats to the job done so far!
We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are.

People who buy paid votes, weather intentionally to try and earn ROI or not, don’t give a damn about the long-term health of Steem.

To be fair, those who STILL use bid bots have very little SP from my research, easy to light the house on fire and walk out when u have no skin in the game. or these people still buying paid votes are still ignorant to the new changes to Steem.

User is always right; we must fix the parameters. We don’t want Steem users feeling bad or being embarrassed for wanting to promote content. We should embrace it and make it both as easy to do as possible, but, and just as important, make sure it benefits all Steem hodlers.

I am a strong believer in people’s rights to advertise.
Advertising gives someone a way to be heard, which is fundamental in today’s internet.
Can become a huge demand for liquid Steem when things start picking up.

We do need a clearer way for people to promote content, the promotion tab is hardly used. We need to blend the promoted tab with trending in a nonintrusive way, so everyone can easily promote post by burning Steem.

Right now, if you want to promote without getting hit by downvotes, you need to burn author rewards. Not intuitive

People who overly promote, or if trending is overrun with ads (good issue to have, means there is actual $ demand for visibly on trending) - then we can of course use downvotes, or upvote content we like above the paid ad posts.

Chase perfection you’ll never catch it. Steem is ready for promotion IMO, despite the apparent flaws.

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To summarize:

  • cut of the promoted tab
  • integrated promoted with trending
  • let promoted content compete with organic votes
  • burn STEEM to promote
  • add small sign that the content is promoted (the box on the tribes web is to much)
  • allow everyone to promote

Promoting content is the most natural way to burn STEEM and it has been broken for so long its crazy.
Promoting on tribes is a bit better but also not ideal, cuz with small amount the promoted post is on the top. It should compete with the organically voted post (with the note promoted).

Thanks a lot for saying what I wanted to say. Especially intergrating promoted with trading. I'm ready to burn upto 100 steem just to be in trending. It's so hard to build a community without promoting it. I'm building it for a year and 4 month and the growth is really low. I wasn't using upvote bots before hf21 because I was saving every single earned steem to solve problems in life. I'm not using them now because the downvotes. But if I'll be sure that I will not get big dowvotes and be in the trending for a while just by burning some steem, I'll be happy to do that. Because I've seen even those who decline payout, flagged as well.

I hope @steemitblog will do something about that. Promoting is not a crime.


I really like what eSteem is doing with their promotions mechanism where you can promote and the post is branded as promoted and slipped into your feed/promotions/hot

What I think would be great is a system based on impressions since you want attention you want to buy views right? What would be great is a dynamic auction where you burn say 1 SBD worth for 1000 views or something like that and the more people buying views the more expensive it becomes to get your 1000 views.

Your views might result in added upvotes/followers/support but it would never be about the value of the post but more the number of views you want to purchase. Whereas naturally upvoted content has a more chance of getting more views thus still keeping the value of organic curation.

@theycallmedan, In my opinion nowadays things went Judgemental but we have to understand one thing and that is we have to find the beauty in Diversification.

When we talk about Culture Change on Steem Blockchain then definitely we are talking about the real change and sometimes people go against the Wind and they see rough times. It's important to adopt the change when it's good, if not then it's worth a fight.

In my opinion when Manual Curation exists which is talk of the ages then why we need the Old Ways when new change is doing what is good for all.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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There are Adusers and Abusers :)

When I first came to steem I tested the promoted tab, and it didn't work then either, and that was well before bidbots. It has to be integrated with the icon into trending, or perhaps if Steem does very well, into various categories of Trending that are suitable for the content, rather than a catchall Trending page.

At the moment, I think one of the issues are the votetrading that seems to push a few users into Trending, and their alts. But, that is another step in the EIP.

There are some "famous" vote traders that I really don't need to name. I believe the more you're on trending the more people will scrutinize your work, it's only natural.

I just want to make sure that there is a clear line between people farming rewards with low effort content, vs people who upvote each other's high effort content. I don't want people to feel the need to walk on eggshells, make the post and let the chips fall where they may.

make the post and let the chips fall where they may

I take this approach as I feel comfortable enough with what I produce under my own scrutiny. If people vote or downvote, that is on them.

I am happy for people to promote, but they shouldn't profit directly, they should profit fromm selling their product to the market they promoted to.

Have a safe trip man and make sure you have also fun, not just business. I've read pennsif's post the other day where you volunteered to travel all over US and talk about Steem and I think it is awesome.

I wish you could come to Greece-Athens, where a massive event starts today and talk... "DECENTRALIZED 2019"

I hope I can make it and be there tomorrow since the price for all 3 days was kinda spicy...something like 450 Euro.

Anyway, some day maybe :)

Thanks! I would love to visit Athens! Combine it with a big crypto event and I’m there

Damn...I should have let you know about this event earlier...I'll do some digging :)

just thought about it while listening, not sure if it is even possible but it would be an interesting way of integrating promoted posts in trending. Burning SBD. They are valued 1$ so to get on the trending page on a place where "50$" organic post is, burn 50 SBD.

just looked it is not just vests that are counted for place on trending so it is a stupid idea :)

Highly rEsteemed!


Nailed it. This is a really good solution.

In your opinion, how does 3 Speaks compare with other DeSoMi platforms? Take LBRY for example in a head to head comparison. Thanks

Thank you Dan!, we must concentrate on creating content rich enough to fetch us with votes rather than buying. It is true that with the #Newsteem we give value to the real content creators than those who were buying. I really love your video and everything you said here!

I actually did bought vote sometimes back but this was because I never even understood what the repercussions might be on the system and for Steem then actually after newsteem @ocd cleared me on it and just immediately after considering all my investment and how I'd love this place to sucessed big time.
Truth is we might be slipping it, not really knowing the measures that'll finally ignite steem but at all times we're reckoning with the ones that won't and well with steem and it's flaws I guess the right people with the right attitude and the right advertisement, will obviously kickstart steem. Amazing watch it was Dan

Thank you so Mach boss, my problem is solved. Today I was able to post 3speak.!

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... we do not see things the way they are,
we see things the way we are.

Reminds me of an old British painting depicting Egyptian slaves building the pyramids. The pyramids were actually built by farmers and the like during the off-season.

I can see your point and understand the bid voting should no longer be an option. The algorithm improvements will make a big difference in discouraging this behavior.
What is your opinion about "promoting" on specific terminal like ESteem and Partiko. Not buying votes, just promoting content buttons on those portals?

I like see sponsored content on esteem. I think the best way is to burn steem for promotion. Creates bullish demand for steem while reducing the supply, an absolute home run of a combo.

@tipu curate

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My first year on steemit I put in a huge effort and wrote everything from how to use a saw to travel and much more but hardly got an upvote for all that work. These days I just post and hope for the best.

well don't know where steemit is heading towards but seeing almost no posts on the feed the people seem to be leaving and that's very sad

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Thank you!!
Today I am serving a month in the community and I am just understanding some things. Partly thanks to publications like this and the comments on it.
It seems to me that it is very difficult to get publications like this when you just enter the network. What's more, I don't know if it had come if it wasn't because we have been meeting with other users with more experience who have emphasized the production of quality content and not just in the search for monetary rewards. And as these users allow you to connect with other users with similar views.
I think the story would be very different if my entry to the network had been unaccompanied. It is possible that I had been locked in a circle of junk content and therefore my publications reproduced that kind of content.
So I wonder how many people will be trapped in junk content without knowing it? How to promote content ethically? What, if any, are the ethical ways to promote your content when you are starting on this network?

Hoy estoy cumpliendo un mes en la comunidad y recién estoy comprendiendo algunas cosas. En parte gracias a publicaciones como esta y a los comentarios en la misma.
Me parece que es muy difícil llegar publicaciones como esta cuando recién ingresas a la red. Es más no se si hubiera llegado si no es porque venimos reuniéndonos con otros usuarios con más experiencia que han hecho énfasis sobre la producción de contenido de calidad y no solo en la búsqueda de recompensas monetaria. Y como estos usuarios te permiten conectar con otros usuarios con puntos de vista similares.
Creo que la historia seria muy diferente si mi entrada a la red hubiese sido sin acompañamiento. Es posible que me hubiese quedado encerrado en un circulo de contenido basura y que por lo tanto mis publicaciones reprodujeran ese tipo de contenido.
Por lo que me pregunto ¿cuanta gente estará atrapada en contenido basura sin saberlo? ¿Como promover el contenido de manera ética? ¿Cuales son, si las hay, las maneras éticas de promover tu contenido cuando estas iniciando en esta red?

why we get down vote I mean.? if someone is uploading a video and putting effort in it Don't you think it's not fair with content creators?Big whales can easily kill the new creators as the have more SP as compare to new ones and they can manipulate the market as well.

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Sure, there is nothing personal with my DVs. I will also let OCDB know.

Appreciate it -- I do not take the downvotes personally, I was just assuming I was getting them from OCDB and yourself bc they did not know my account is no longer a voting bot. I am also getting them from spaminator (not sure if that is you or another type of account). Excited for new steem and thank you for your support.

Joe Parys

That is very kind of you, thank you very much.