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Steem has a lot of curators.

The price is cheap for entry.

SMTs INC, communities INC, RC dele INC

tremendous muscle memory (new site = scam? we have rep now)

my stake to be used for promotion - ideas?

time to tell a friend

time to wake up

ads, product placement, etc.

Ads in different languages.

If you are good at social media marketing, contact me, please. If you are interested in finding crypto events that will accept Steem speakers, contact me, please.

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One of the marketing strategies can be old fashion offline leaflets that can be pinned on message boards at work, colleges, restaurants, stores, bus stops. First need to create a media kit that can be printed and posted out in the local places people visit and call all Steemians for actions. Could also be a contest.

Love this idea! I was actually looking at some billboards in high traffic places. The numbers were not too bad. We could put up some billboards then have the media kits ready for ppl to put up all over town.

@aggroed had made a Youtube promotional video for steem @theycallmedan

Here it is 👇🏻😀
Let Us All Share it

Over the last month I've published a ton of posts requesting from a professional marketer to show up and submit a proposal. There are 115K SBD's ready to be used and that are just sitting there.

We should flood the internet with ads, commercial ads, on radio shows, on Youtube, literally everywhere.

Brainwash them, and not because we are trying to promote garbage, but because this chain can support EVERYTHING.

This is true for Curators finding more great content. I have been upvoting 4 Splinterlands posts a day at 50% for the Steem Monsters account and I do see the same people posting. Most do a great job with posts but other curators have said they could not find anything good at times. I LOVE the STEEM blockchain and talk about it and Splinterlands all over Youtube, FB, IG, Telegram and crypto meet ups in Richmond, VA. You are right, tell a friend! Thank you so much for all your support and for what you are doing to spread the word about STEEM. You are an amazing Steemian! Steem on!

We should go aggro as fuck, let everybody know about what we aim on doing. In regards to everything out there we can provide the easiest way to start.
SPS should be used for such purposes and i find hard to believe that there is no one competent enough to make it happen

If one of the whales was to face the regulations necessary to set up a fiat to Steem pathway, mitigating the risks due to ignorance and human error, it would set a new bar for blockchains. Seems to me that projects are tied to Bitcoin (and to a lesser extent Ethereum and Litecoin) as one has to purchase those first to then trade for the Steem.

Making entry (which was Dan Larimers vision) easier is a huge marketing step. Make it mass friendly and the masses will come.

I have been looking into ways to setup a fiat to steem pathway. Fingers crossed.

How much do you know about Bitvavo? I think it is considered as a Steem to FIAT gateway, it is just unknown...although quite a few Steemians use it. As a matter of fact 50+ currencies are listed and can be exchanged directly into fiat.

Could you check it out and let me know what you think?

Interesting, will check this out and see what's up. Thanks!


@andrarchy has mentioned more than once that some big names have expressed interest in SMT’s. I wonder which will be the first to take a leap of faith. Potentially, we could quickly have a massive increase in activity on the Steem blockchain, followed by articles about that first mover in a bunch of media outlets, alternative and mainstream. Things could snowball fast.

I'll believe when I see it.
If we care about big names how about giving @rt-international some love? The amount of support they get is kinda pathetic for an entity that big on this chain.


Thank you so much for supporting me, I have joined 3Speak today.

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Its great chance for marketers. Who are really want to create place in this platform about crypto..hope marketers join with @theycallmedan

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that's a nice.At the moment price for steem is really low at the moment and it time to grow your business and your channel.I agree with your idea

This is a great initiative that we have to do all the members, give as much information as possible in our most popular social networks, inform about the steem blockchain, the use of cryptocurrencies, of decentralized platforms. And those of us who are using the platform, publish, comment and vote for quality content, try to take some time to see the publications, see the trends, report on new news that comes out on steem, and give the best of each as a contribution for the community.

Esto es una gran iniciativa que tenemos que hacer todos los miembros, dar en lo posible informacion en nuestras redes sociales mas populares, informar sobre el blockchain de steem, el uso de las criptomonedas, de plataformas descentralizadas. Y los que estamos usando la plataforma, publicar, comentar y votar a contenidos de calidad, trata de tomarse un tiempo para ver las publicaciones, ver las tendencias, informar sobre nuevas noticias que salgan sobre steem, y dar lo mejor de cada uno como aporte para la comunidad.

Marketing? Price? Steem is still in production. Forget price. Trying to sell it right now with marketing would be like selling a product that has only been 50% completed. Who is the target? What does the target want? Steem still needs the product to market.

Steem is 4 years old and out of beta. I don't think it is only 50% complete, it is a complete product already and just having new features added. Right now is the time to market, IMO, or risk getting left out of next run.

Who is the target?
As I said in the video, friends, businesses, former steemians that left, pretty much everyone.

What does the target want?
That varies a ton. A de-platformed creator? You want censorship resistance.
Have you been demonetized? Steem has a ton of curators hungry for content to curate.
Do you just want to try something new and exciting? You can play games, write blogs, make videos. Most creators want multi places to post their content.

The product is ready!

Who is the target?
As I said in the video, friends, businesses, former steemians that left, pretty much everyone.

What does the target want?
That varies a ton. A de-platformed creator? You want censorship resistance.
Have you been demonetized? Steem has a ton of curators hungry for content to curate.
Do you just want to try something new and exciting? You can play games, write blogs, make videos. Most creators want multi places to post their content.

I get what you're saying that Steem is useful to all these people, but when it comes to marketing material, the broader your demographic, the weaker the message. I think the best path forward is to be specific. Choose a very specific demographic and go after them.

My opinion is that the strongest products here are basically blogging and video sharing, so it would make sense to go after those sorts of content creators. With where we are I think the best move would be to pay "Market Makers/Influencers" directly to create Steem exclusive content and promote that content on their other social media, where they have a considerable following.

Sure. I never said make a blanket ad that tries to get everyone from grandmas to college kids. We have an abundance of different types of people to choose from. We take those people and make niche specific ads targeting them, I agree with that. I can think of 10 different niche ads right off the top of my head, if I sat down and starting writing them all out we would have more marketing material then we'd know what to do with.

A de-platformed creator? You want censorship resistance.
Have you been demonetized? Steem has a ton of curators hungry for content to curate.
Do you just want to try something new and exciting? You can play games, write blogs, make videos. Most creators want multi places to post their content.

Right off the back, we can target people who have been deplatformed (they still are allowed to watch youtube, or twitter post, so they can see ads)

Again we can go after people who have not yet been deplatformed but their channel has been demonetized, steem helps solve this.

We can make ads for gaming, for music, for video and blogging. Steem solves a ton of issues that are currently wrong with Web 2.0. We can have several niche ads targetting different groups running simultaneously.

Yea, I think that's the way to go about it in regards to ads. I can help with the creation of ads and video ads, but I don't have much experience with what the best way is to set up campaigns on the different platforms. Also, I think one thing we'd need to do is be able to track the impact of the ads. I wonder if that would be hard here.

Normally if you had total control over a site you could see the analytics of where your traffic was coming from so you could tell if your ads were effective. Not sure how that would work here.

As I mentioned before, I think it might be initially more effective to direct target content creators, reach out to them and offer them something specific. Would you be interested in that?

If so, what specifically do you think we could offer them?

I agree that influencer marketing, esp on Youtube, is probably the most effective marketing one can do. I think a SPS proposal where we pay some top level people to do some interviews with Andrew or Eli. If we can get a high quailty video ad done, maybe we can pay them to show it before their videos.

I have been trying to do something like this, I have a 100k steem delegation to get a big youtuber here and talk about Steem. I think a lot of people outside of Steem don't realize how beneficial having SP can be.

But ya, the only way I can think of is either get a big Youtuber that would take a delegation or we just pay them to promote Steem.

Steem is being rejected as reflected by the price. It might be a product, but it is not what the people want. I see it is being reworked over and over as is evident by the multiple HFs.

Clearly we do not know who we need to target, as you said "pretty much everyone". Which means we do not have a target. Edit: Also it is one of the hardest things in the world to get people to comeback after they leave.

We also do not know what they want.

So before we get marketing started, we have to answer these questions.

Price has nothing to do with the product when bitcoin basically controls altcoin prices.

Those can see the glass half full or half empty, I have no time for people that don't want to help push Steem. You keep doing you but I am going to be pushing the hell out of Steem, regardless of the price. I know who we need to target and why.

"Price has nothing to do with the product" lol. I am here trying to help push Steem. Are you saying I am not? Do you have time? lets talk. Who needs to be targeted and why? come on get with it. We need a target.

Beautiful posts

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they are trying their level best but still a long way to go community can really play a big role in that

I love what you are doing

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Nice - Great to hear all of this. You might want to check out the account of @stephenkendal, he does a lot of marketing of steem, and would know when and where the conferences are at.
@pennsif is also coordinating a steem ambassador program. there have been a few applications ( including myself for ireland) and it's worth keeping an eye on.

I'm also on the case online, I have started to set up a new website, for the sole purpose of attracting new bloggers to steem. It still needs a lot of work but I will get there.

@titu curate

Completely agree, perfect time to market what we already built but of course continue to innovate and move towards the vision, where millions of people have their voices heard