Gamification Of Everything

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Cryptocurrency is presenting us with interesting options. There is the possibility to improve user experiences by gamifying the platforms they are using. What makes this unique is the fact that crypto platforms built on Steem come with rewards. Hence, the gamification means providing users with more ways to profit.

As we march forward into Web 3.0, we see this take on entirely new possibilities. The lines we see in life are going to get blurred. This offers tremendous opportunity for people.

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i got some kewl gamification ideas - i'm trying to put it into some code, but only have a couple hours here and there really slows me down.

it's going to be so nice when all these magic internet beans take off and i can buy servers and write code ;)

I look forward to it too since we need more gamification on Steem. All ideas are welcome and worth a try.

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I think the idea of getting crypto for giving your attention to content is definitely the future of media on the internet. Just not sure that any of the platforms that exist now will be the ones that survive.

It is an interesting paradigm. As cryptocurrency and tokenization occur, we see the games everywhere in life.