Steemfest 4 - My 20-mins Talk At Steemfest Titled 'Surpassinggoogle With Steem'.

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In a future post, i will explain each aspect of my Steemfest talk and the moments surrounding it. Being able to deliver the talk was special and very much a breakthrough moment for me.

Kindly see the video above.

I covered some of the stories and histories constituting 'surpassinggoogle', the entire plot and where we are at now in terms of 'surpassinggoogle'.

If you will like to have fuller grasp on the message in the video, you can go on to cover this 70-min read:

Donate To Save Surpassinggoogle

Desired funds: 6000 SBD/3500 USD. See details!

Funds raised will be used to setup a 'Macrohard' hub/office near my house in the Philippines, allowing us to emanate 'a network of brother programmers/entrepreneurs' and together, we will build all my projects, many noble dreams and help with 'steem growth'. Most importantly, i will be able to attain a recovery in my health, while taking care of my dad, who is ill, loving him better. 
You can contact me via '' incase you want donate and you would like other convenient ways to donate than those listed.

Note: You can also vote the 'steemgigs' witness here and support my SPS proposal to 'fund the set-up of a Macrohard hub via steemconnect here 

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Great talk @surpassinggoogle. I am interested in the Ulog thing... 👍 Thanks for all your hard work.

Who was the gentleman that came on before/after you?

Hi name is Roelandp. He is the innovator of steemfest. Thank you for liking ulog. If you are free and perhaps public, we can do a livestream and I will explain it to you in depth. Or if you can read a 70-min read, you can see it here. It has a fundraiser or kickstarter but the bulkier part of the publication explains all my projects and the path

Will all end up using a ulogging-style of content. We can connect every existing niche, community or enterprise using ulog-subtags too.

Then reward all these activities that mine the human with ‘teardrops’.

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Thanks for going to SteemFest and presenting there to share your vision and all your projects! You've brought a lot to Steem and you should be proud. Hope some of the challenges you're facing will be solved very soon so you can go ahead even further/stronger.

Amazing idea of the posting

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