What should be the role of senior people in a COMMUNITY ? | Answered by @mickvir |

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I'm back here with another video for you all and this one is gonna be an interesting one for sure !

Well, communities have been an essential block of the STEEM blockchain which is a great place to start the journey and also being in constant touch of numerous experienced people and gain skills from em' and implement them too :)

The senior people in any community are the ones who are having quite a lot of responsibility as people always look up for them in order to get assistance..

So what do you think what should be the role of such people in a community ?

I asked the same to @mickvir and check out the video above to know what's his opinion :)

This is a segment from a collab we did a while ago and this part was worth being brought to attention and getting more opinions on the subject through this one :)

Do drop below your thoughts as well :)

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Nice explanation from @mickvir
Community leaders or those who have stayed long in a community have the responsibility of organizing forums or programmes to teach and make newcomers familiar with their programmes, schedules, organize trainings and most especially, contests, in which new comers are encouraged to provide contents and win free tokens. With this, more people are able to come onboard and have a good understanding of the steem ecosystem.

A lot of communities already do this @neoxian is a big one for promoting engagement and they have giveaways.
Giveaways are good but the real value of a token comes from scarcity and a use case. As you can earn tokens from posting scarcity is hard to achieve. This is where use ( a place to spend the token) comes in. As the community using the token spends it to gain items they have to buy more and this can increase the value of the token. I mentioned this as a lot of communities on steem are built around tokens.
If you want to see more people onboarding to steem help whatever community you are apart of have fun. Enjoyment will also lead to stronger communities.
Engagement without enjoyment is just not going to work.
Have an awesome day @mcshayn!

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Yeah, definitely the senior ones in any community are having the responsibility of bringing up the new ones to enhanced levels and also decide how the community will be shaped and the skills acquired by the newbies :)

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This is a great topic of discussion, and a very important one for that matter. Just like @mickvir mentioned in the video, it is not enough to just pop in once in a while, drop content, and promote with bots and go away. Community engagement is important if we want to take steem to the moon.

One important role that the seniors in a community have to do is encouraging those who are creating original and quality contents among the new ones with post promotions and curation. That way, they are encouraged to create more meaningful content and invite other people to join. The success of a community depends largely on the pioneer members or those who have acquired much knowledge and position in the community.

Yup, I too loved @mickvir 's opinion regarding the topic and his views were really logical

Yeah, the seniors must keep pushing the newbies like you said it gives them the pumps from inside to create more and keep growing that enthusiam can be created by the senior one and if created that's really effective and produtive :)

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Engagement is a big thing . Active communities I have seen and been apart of thrive on engagement and grow. Those that have limited engagement rarely do anything but disappear.
Seniors in a community should be active in the community and help those in the community when they need help.
Even as a ordinary member of a community you can step up though and help out to take pressure off the seniors.
Burn out is becoming a big thing because, you have to remember, unless you are getting paid for your time spent this is all just volunteer work. And after awhile even seniors start to ask why am I doing this?
Any project worth following needs a goal that the members are interested in and the ability to get some sort of enjoyment out of using it , in my opinion.
Have an awesome day @tolustx!

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Lol I remember this, it was awhile ago. There is so much great content on steem . I find the hard part is searching for it.
Community leaders and long time steemians can help new comers so much and should wherever possible.
Thanks the continued support @steemer-sayu907 ,
Have an awesome day!

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