It is the PEOPLE Who Suffer ! - Is it meant to be ?

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Hey Guys,

I'm back here with another video for you guys and this is gonna be an interesting one :) Well in almost every scenario it is seen that the citizens of the globe are facing issues whenever any incident takes place some where.

Like just recently because of the tensions among US and Iran the entire world has now placed certain restrictions, many warnings and much more stuff which has just made people suffer !


DO Lemme Know Below Your Thoughts :)

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I'll be back with another video soon :)

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Yaah. To talk to a important topic which Become too pathetic.Now a day's there occurred some unethical issue is our world like Kashmir issue iran ect. We must concern about those matter.We all want a happy and safe world but some issues become our world violent. If thats going on what we will say our future generation.they also deserve a happy and safe earth . If we wnat to give them a safe life than we all should work together. All mejor and heading countries should come away to solve those problems. Thanks for this good vlog😊