Will DTube LOSE It's Steem Power DELEGATION ? | A Story TO Look Out FOR |

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Hey Guys,

I'm back here with another video for you guys and this one is gonna be an interesting one as I've picked up a topic which is gaining quite a bit of attention these days.

Well it's regarding the DELEGATION forms which have been submitted for the approvals of getting delegations from STeemit Inc.

In the case of DTube it has turned out to be something interesting.

Check out the video to find it out !

DO Drop Your Thoughts Below :)


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Thank you @Steemer-sayu907, for my opinion this cannot make Dtube LOSE its Delegation power, despite the fact that most steemians withdraw their Delegation power, but new Steemians also fill up with their delegation power. Also, Dtube is having alot of fans which can also contribute greatly in delegating more.

Please, I chat with you in the dicord, would you acknowledge my info?

I too have a feeling that DTube won't completely lose but would lose a major portion that is more than half the SP they currently have right now. I'm really curious to see what happens in the coming days and what DTube is gonna do with it's reduced power.

I'm checking Discord right away :)

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Hi @steemer-sayu907
Indeed a nice topic that you touched in this video. Dtube is one of the most popular Dapp in the steem platform and I am sure that they will not lose their delegation due to late submission of their renewal application. I know that they have left with 8 questions un-answered but I got to know that they will submit their response within the time. But as you mentioned about the reduction in delegation is for sure going to happen as per the update by delegation community of steemit inc. Since the first tier is going to get 1m sp max and dtube has over 2mn sp already so this is going to be cut by 50% which will certainly have a reduction in the reward for dtubers but I am positive on this and hope Dtube will find out the solution. As of now, its too early to comment so let's wait for some more time to see what's going to happen.
Happy Diwali to you buddy.

Yeah, this is for sure gonna be a big blow for DTube with halving its SP, is a direct indication that DTubers would have reduced payouts. I too feel optimistic and hope that the team comes out with an alternative and do the best possible thing :)

Happy Diwali To You And Your Family as well mate :)

I don't think they will, it might be reduced but it won't, dtube deserve 2 million SP and even more but I guess steem Inc has their reasons Which isn't so cool to me by all means. In other words these distribution hasn't been taken place I hear stakerz and the rest are still on hold.