How Can A NEWBIE Gain Attention On #steem ? - ANSWERED By @chireerocks

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Hey Guys,

I'm back here with another video for you all and this one is gonna be a super interesting one and an informative one too.

WEll most of us have an opinion that initially struggle is a common companion in the early phase of our #steem journey. But guys, there are ways by which that struggle can be eased and here we are with an aid for the same !

Watch @chireerocks discuss his views on the aspect and his effective solution to that STRUGGLE !

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This is a segment from a COLLAB which me ( @steemer-sayu907 ) and @chireerocks did a while ago and this one was worth being brought to attention ;)

Special Thanks To @chireerocks !!

Thanks For Watching !


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Being in community is the key! One should think not only for himself and upvote his own posts but rather find people that have something common. I mean tribes...


I totally agree with you on this one mate ! Being together is where the learning ignites as the knowledge keeps sharing and being gained by everyone involved !

@threespeak is a great choice for bringing attention to your blog!
Keep Steeming!!!
@tipu curate

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Thanks a lot mate !!
Much Appreciated !

My pleasure mate, nice interview, and best wishes with your Steem journey. The best is yet to come ;)

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@steemer-sayu907, Thank you so much for sharing this Session. Good to go through from this session after a long time. In a way it was like a Brainstorming Session for me. Stay blessed.

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Yeah, it was really a nice session and I myself too got to learn a lot of stuff and enhance my ownself too in the process and I felt this segment especially would be really useful for STEEMians ;)

Thanks For Stopping By :)

Welcome and good to know about that. Have a productive time ahead.