What do we need to see in the AMA live stream between Justin Sun and Ned Scott

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The AMA should address the following in order to provide stability to this deal as well as protect the reputations of the parties involved:

  1. Win – Win vision
  2. No Steem to SteemTron token swap
  3. Tron token integration into steemit.com
  4. Steem blockchain remaining stand alone and separate from Tron
  5. Work completed on SMTs and Communities on Steem blockchain
    No change out for Steem on exchanges

If all of these items are not addressed, it could lead to the following:

  1. A witness decision to fork Tron and Stemit inc out of the Steem blockchain
  2. Steem being delisted or replaced on exchanges
  3. No SMTs or communities on Steem
  4. Steem users forced to use SteemTron token
  5. Resignations from Steemit inc?

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Do you think Tron will have enough SteemPower to vote in their own witnesses Matt?

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I believe Justin now controls a majority stake, and so the answer is a yes.

If Justin wants 30 new witnesses, 'ours' will likely want to fork - is that a decision that has their best interests at heart, the communities, or both?

At least the AMA gave some comfort that he won’t vote for witnesses with the majority stake.

The potential is certainly there. I am sure that they won't, but that is not the point. if it is possible, it is not decentralised by definition

At least following the AMA there is a commitment to not use the power for voting content or for witnesses. Feeling +ve for the new investment.

No SMTs or communities on Steem

look testnet. we already have a version of SMT and Communities. If Stinc gets forked out is not that bad everybody think.

Clear, plan for the worst, expect the best

True :)

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After reading and watching so much about this topic, we can just hope for the best. I see how everyone is shocked and tired about this. Maybe the only solution is the fork. We can surely keep building the original steem and we will have exchanges that will accept it and even if it will be called ''Steem classic'' or any other name. We love steem not because of its name, but because of the way it works. We don't need to an other blockchain if we don't have to. I hope dapps will stay in steem ( the original one ) and witnesses will do the right thing and tron team will save the original steem and just improve it instead of swaping it. Maybe after they had dlive, they decided to remove from their way the biggest compititor and that's why they baught steemit. Sad to see all this happening. But, I still think that we can do something about that.

yup! agreed! I think everything will be ok!

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Just finished watching your video at x1.5 speed and I believe you covered the key issues with this take over of steemit inc.

Thanks for pulling a all-nighter, and getting this up, hopefully steem, SMT, and communities development stay the same. And this ends up being a win-win.

I know Steem will and this community will do everything in our power to make Steem the game changer we have believed in for so many years.

Hopefully this is not a kick in the teeth. I know for many of us just going to watch this on d.live is a big enough kick in the teeth.

Great to see you posting Matt, I know you're likely busy most of the time with three speak and other projects. But you are a great steemian and it's great to hear the passion in your voice again.


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thanks dylan, its great to see you here! much appreciate the positivity!

I don't think a hostile takeover would be the case. What's the point of buying into something and losing what you came for--the community. For Justin to benefit from his acquisitions he needs to engender the confidence of the steem community. If they force the token swap a lot of people will give in and dump--a loss for both tron and steem. A win-win situation is only ideal at this point. We all will reach a compromise. I am not expecting the AMA to offer any form of clarity. If anything there will be more questions at the end of the day.

I am not expecting the AMA to offer any form of clarity. If anything there will be more questions at the end of the day.

Well, you got that right. Ned looked bored as hell and just wanted to ride off into the sunset with his new millions :)

Yo Ade!! Great to see you here man! they could have done with a moderator to ask some great bullish leading questions in order to pump the price higher! so it was a missed opportunity. but it is all supoer bullish, as long as we have a clear ass covering plan to stop a hostile take over

I listened to your take on it on MSPwaves, so I feel much better :)

this is certainly a pragmatic commentary on what will likely happen

Looks like we still have some time the status quo remains but we still need to have contingency plans in place if anything does change at a moments notice

I think that we should use Tron just like Tron is using us

yes, love this! We need contingency. and ideas on how to achieve this? a community?

Just trying to get myself up to speed.
What is AMA ? is it ask me anything?

And would it be a bad thing to ditch some of the witnesses? Some of them seem to be covertly working against Steem/steemit

AMA = ask me anything. I think there was a lot of worries prior to the AMA that this was a hostile take over of steem, but it is looking more and more like that is not the case, and that this will be a clear mutually beneficial partnership between Steem and Tron. exciting times!

While the AMA ( should really be called ask me somethings" ) didn't really help addressing most of the questions, the overall audience response certainly did.

I saw that Steemians will not lay down without a fight. They won't be bullied, pushed over, or erased. Hell, they won't even accept anything less than ideal.

Long live Steem :^)

Spot on