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RE: Spider Coccoon

in #threespeak2 years ago

Yay for lovely spring days! :D We had a fantastic one earlier in the week, and then the following day til now it dipped back into cold rainy wintry weather but it's all good I don't mind the rain so much (as long as I don't have to be out in it XD). The transitional seasons are always kinda weird.

Alice looks suitably shocked that she can dive through the mirror, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to jump into parallel dimensions these days as I'm genuinely concerned about being able to get back XD

You draw in blue just as well as you draw in black XP

You got a crash? Wow I haven't had a crash for a long time now O_O hate it when that happens, hope you didn't lose too much work. Hopefully it hasn't happened since, otherwise report it if you can reproduce it and no one else seems to have yet :)


It's 21 degrees and SUNNY here today * ___ * I went out to walk for lunch and it was REALLY WARM * ___ *

And yes, I also donno if I'd walk into a mirror, cuz yeah! SCARY! How would it be if I can't get back !!! ; __ ;

Oh, I hope it wont happen again, for sure! Crashes are really annoying~

And yay I can reply again now through palnet XD

I just realised maybe it's coz we're old and boring wise now XD Child-me probably would have jumped in, and more likely if I was following my cousin because he had a bad habit of just doing things like that without thinking x_x lol