Clown Hall March 12 2020

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The Clown Hall was a short gathering on PAL/MSP Waves to discuss the current options in the #SteemHostileTakeover. Host @r0nd0n talks with @starkerz, @carn, @klye, @raycoms, @thehive, @richardcrill, @snook, and @shadowspub to discuss forks, solutions, and governance during this impromptu gathering.

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When the going gets tough,
the tough get going.

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Hang in there Honey Badgers. We got this. It is okay to agree to disagree!

realizes he didn't say his name when he talked :D

thank you for posting this!!

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hey, tell me please, what the name of the guy who said that we need more than 30 witnesses to vote on ? I would like to read his post !

 last year 

I believe that was Raycoms, and here's the post:

Is that the same Ray who usually represent Justin ?

 last year 

No, you're thinking of Roy, and we have a new Roy now: @roebuckdm

I very much appreciate you putting this up.

I note that there is presently (March 13, 8PM PST) some variation between the Tron witnesses price feeds. That seems to indicate there's more than one actual box acting as Tron witness, which is a bit unexpected.

We are also back down to 8 community witnesses again. Tron is gathering Steem, and the writing seems to be on the wall.


Edit: just after an hour in you discuss 1s=1v for witness, and discuss the complexity of making such a change. I note that applying VP to witness votes and setting the depletion parameter to 100% without recharge completely resolves 1s=1v, and no new code actually needs to be written since VP has been applied to ordinary voting for as long as Steem has existed. Hard to test anything better than that.

Clown Hall the best 😍

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It was great hearing more details of the OpenSeed & OpenLink projects as explained by @andrarchy. The New Roy's perspective, of us all being Crypto Nomads at heart, seemed a healthy perspective to bring our thoughts to at this time.

It gives one hope that there are individuals able and willing to move this wonderful technology forward, in an as open and decentralized manner as possible.