Pennsif - The Early Years - Our First Holiday Abroad, Mallorca 1969

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Our family holiday in Majorca / Mallorca in May 1969.

This was our first trip abroad so a big event in the timeline of a working class family aspiring to move up to the lower middle classes.

We flew from Luton Airport on a package holiday with Monarch (now defunct).

And we stayed at the Hotel Alomar in C'an Picafort.

It had a swimming pool. And we went on donkey cart rides.

We were living the high life!

And we were near a beach with plenty of rock pools where I endeavoured to persecute the local crab population.

Then there was a boat ride on the Brisa - with paella and sangria. Hit me with another shot please... I can take it and I'm only 8 for another day or two.

Hot dogs, emmm. Give me more.

Not sure that scaffolding will quite make the grade with H & S.

Let's play tourists with cathedrals, and street paintings and bullfighting and things like that...

A bit of rough and tumble on the beach never did any harm particularly when I was bigger than he was.

And ice creams too. Living the life of Riley eh?

I had my 9th birthday there. And I got a donkey as a present. I kept him for years.

And a little wind-up bull as well. I think the boy holding the Action Man was from Germany. I don't think we spoke each other's language but we could still play bullfighting.

I had three Action Man. One even spoke when you pulled the cord. "Enemy ahead, range 200".

Then it was back to the airport for the flight home.

We were international jetsetters now...

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Awe! This is simply the sweetest! I love that you still have these and have been able to increase the time you can enjoy them by putting them online. I absolutely love old(er) things. And watching this is like being able to jump back in time. Thank you!

Thank you Carrie, much appreciated.

I really enjoy going through these old movies, editing them down and adding music.

I hope my editing skills will improve as I go along to make something more of them.

How amazing that you are still keeping this old video clips. This video are the most precious we had in our past. Sadly speaking our family lost our video and our pictures in our old days. However, the memory are still in our mind and hearts. If we had the steem blockchain many years ago maybe I can still see our old video and photos. Even my friendster account that I used to saved my pictures and memories are already gone. Good to see that you save the memory in this immutable blochchain @pennsif

It is a good way to archive the memories.

Indeed 💯

Wow! This is the kind of stuff that I want to make and remember. Thanks for the inspiration man.

@tipu curate

Thank you.

No problem 👍🏾

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OMG cutie @pennsif :) I live on the Island Mallorca so if you ever want to come and do a 50 years later video, I am more then willing to show you all those places again.
A lot changed but still, I can recognise the mayor spots in the video. Also, the Cathedral has changed quite a bit. Where the boat trip was (close to the military base) I assume that is near Pollença?
I hope, when you plan to visit the Island, (after 15 November its cheap af from Luton or any near Airport) you remember my invitation! Thank you for this video, I show it tonight to the family!

Thank you for dropping by to watch the film.

Alas I can't remember any more details about the boat trip.

I will definitely keep your invitation in mind if we head that way again.

PS - Look out for another movie from Mallorca soon - we went there the following year as well.