The Discomfort-Zone Podcast E#1

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Hi all, here is the first episode of my podcast. Hope you enjoy.
The show is live Thursdays, 22:00 UTC. If you would like to listen live and interact through the chat, you can join the MSP-waves discord cahnnel (
Or if you prefer, you can listen to the live show on vimmTV (, or on the MSP waves broadcast network (
If you would like to download the audio version, link here

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Mm, getting through it now.. Great words really!.. its like you are in my head and heart sometimes.. were SO on the same page its quite spectacular!

Thx so much! Love it!!
And yeah, I know exactly what you mean... 😉

It was a really great show, very interesting ideas and a nice vibe too!

If you didn't have some technical difficulties it wouldn't be discord.

Maybe buy a back up mike? I do Webinars and I've got two mikes, I've just bought a third, it's such a vital piece of kit!

Look forward to the next one.

Thanks so much! It was great to see you there!
(And I checked out lammas, interesting what they're doing there.)
Yeah, Right now I got a zoom, 2 lavaliers, and my laptop mic worst case scenario.. But yeah, I'm going to work on my setup for next time a bit more..
Thanks so much for tuning in, and see you on Thursday (your avatar that is..;)

Oh you are better prepared than me. Actually I think my lapel mike (which is great) is a Lavalier.

Looking forward to Thursday already, I might even update my profile pic/ avatar for the occasion!

ima bout 20 minutes in.. so far a fantastic listen! My connection is not so good so im struggling to finish watching.. THanks for sharing so many things, its great to get to know all these aspects of you! EASY listening my friend! the natural vlogger..

i keep trying to get this stream workin now! XX

  ·  last month (edited)

Wow, thx so much!
There's also an audio version if it's easier for you to just download and listen. I uploaded to Dsound, here's the link

I'm going to always upload both. The video with the chat for those who want to see all the comments, and the audio version which you can download and listen offline. Took me around an hour and half today, but the setup should make it quicker next time.

You. Did. It. Standing ovation. All those years of false starts and thinking about it and HERE YOU ARE. Inspired!

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Thx so much!! Yup, i was literally shaking after... 10 mins before the stat, my mic suddenly decided to start bugging out, and I literally spend 9 mins and 40 seconds restarting my obs and recorder...
I dont know how, but the mic miraculously worked 20 seconds before I was live...
phew.... I made it this far.
Here's to next week. :)