The Reason Why Much Recognition Should Be Given To Video Creators

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I shared all my opinion in this video, the reason why I think much recognition should be given video creators. It has been always difficult and expensive for one to come out with very nice video. Looking at the time the fellow will use Editting the video, making sure the image is clear and voice audible and many good features we need in video creation.

Most machines even do not have Editting Applications, so video producers have to delete several times before getting what they want. Those people who do not have strong machines sometime have to make their videos in the day time in order to have ample reflection of light rays for the image to be clear. For those of us who share our videos in 3Speak platform have to convert our videos into MP4 or MOV before we can upload it here. Combining all these things make it difficult to produce videos compare to writing of normal content post. We therefore appeal to steemians to give much attention to our videos as it has been said by many steemiams. Thank you and do watch what I said!

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