Promoting Steem Through Singing || Anima, A Talented Student In Singing Ministration.


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Hi guys!, it is about time we move Steen Blockchain to another level, with innovations and transitional form. Because of this, I have started with my good Brother with me here in 3speak @bigssam developing the most talented children in our School in Ghana here with all kinds of God gift. An example is what you are watching today, allowing our students who are gifted with inspirational songs. A form three student by name @Anima sung inspirational song in our local dialogue "God through his mercies has saved us." She is having a very powerful voice which could be developed in Steem blockchain chain here for her to also through steem launch herself in Music industries. I will request all and sundry to support these talented singing group that in the near future we would like to develop in steem blockchain. Not only this category, but we also have other set of students on differing events of which we would like to develop their talents.

You are all welcome to her song, and do enjoy it here is 3Speak, your thoughts are also welcomed.

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