I Missed AMA[Ask Me Anything] For 3 Weeks, The Most Clinical & Organic Solutions To Our Steem & Crypto Business

in threespeak •  8 months ago  (edited)

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Hello everyone in Steem, greetings to you all. I hope we missed one most important and interesting programme in Steem Blockchain-"AMA"[Ask Me Anything] powered by our Legendary @Theycallmedan, the lover and heart for Steem in 3Speak.

We love this program most since it opens avenue for us to get organic solutions to our steem and crypto journey. I see it as healing our wounds in steem blockchain with the #Newsteem in place. But since last 3 weeks it has not come off as it is noted to happen every Fridays & Saturdays. We are waiting patiently for such great platform to share our sentiments. Thank you, and welcome to your views here in 3speak.

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