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RE: Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

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It would be cool if you guys check the quality of comments as well, since those beggar comments make zero sense and brings no value what so ever


It's going to be based mostly on the upvotes. Big posts get bigger, undiscovered posts stay undiscovered. It won't really be about the comments.

We have plenty of creators that get a lot of views but low vote. The upvotes have nothing to do with the SP votes already on the account. We take into account views, comments (manually checking comments to find abuse) and a few other things we will check when giving these upvotes. This gives any creator the chance to share their work, encourage users to comment and earn a vote that way. This gives creators the best chance at a potential upvote. If you’re making consent and constantly getting no views, we have a burn to promote system about to be put into place. So creators have every chance to get their work seen by others. And, as Matt said, we are leaving some SP filled for up and coming authors or ones we see putting in a ton of effort. Keep in mind this is just the threespeak account, my Dan account is free to shark around and find content as well. This change will be huge for creators.

Not a good sign since it can be easily manipulated, for instance follow trevon trail and here you go, more than 200 guaranteed upvotes