Painting process of Joker from the movie Joker-Timelapse video

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As i said in my previous post that i recorded the painting process of joker and here it is. I was never really a fan of joker or batman but since the movie came out it has been a hot topic so i had to watch it.
Actually i liked it. It wasn't a typical super or just villain movie, it was just a tragic and sad story of man who is judged and criticized by the society and eventually looses his way(or shows other the right way). Depends how you want to see it.

Material used:
photoshop software
wacom intuos graphic tablet(hardware)
Apowersoft screen recorder to record the video
Wondershare Filmora video editing software to shrink the hours long video into 3 minutes
Handbrake to reduce the size
Bgm: Waltz-Tonight we dance(vampire masquerade)


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