3Speak:The Unsurpassable Host Of Content Creator's Videos And Free Speech.

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Hello everyone!, I am just a red fish in a mighty ocean, learning how to swim! In the contrary, I am just a stranger in your midst, as far as Steemit is concern, I just joined this great company only few days ago.

For my first post I just introduced myself to @threespeak platform, and ever since, though having little Resource Credit that permits me to do only few things, yet In have been following your great videos you share with us in creator studio.

For my analysis and feasibility studies I describe this platform as:"unsurpassable Host Of Content Creator's videos and Free Speech." Here is the best so far I have encountered with looking at other Dapps that support videos, in spite of not having the chance of going through all servers that support videos.

In terms of its quality videos and the degree of features and loading, here is unbeatable, superb, unstoppable, indomitable, excellent and outstanding. In fact @threespeak needs to be congratulated and still be encouraged for the good work they have begun, especially on the side of supporting those who have been deplatformed, banned, shadowed and censored from the main stream of our social media. I believe this a laudable idea to go with, in order not for the deplatform to feel bored and neglected by the society, @threespeak is on point hosting them here.

We would ask, who made this to happened?

I was just reading a post from @theycallmedan, one of the Legends and achievers of Steem, I think that was the first post before the launching of this great Community. So, in the content of the post I came to realised that @theycallmedan and @oracle-d are the co-founders of @threespeak, they are into partnership for creating this powerful platform in order to welcome and host our friends who have been deplatformed in order to enable them to express their free speech. Oh, what a kind offer! I am so much thankful to them for their kind gesture they have revealed to those who are suffering at the expense to expose the truth for justice to prevail.

I am also sensing that @threespeak is going be one of the most platform that will host much more people compare to any other Dapps. in this steemit Blockchain, considering the lovely and interesting programmes they host. It is becoming increasingly interesting, only my few days I have spent there, topical issues of relevance happening in the world, problems occurring among some people, issues that are needed to be addressed. I mean quality contents are shared here. That is why it is free speech, provided it is not illegal and do not infringe on other people's right.

Hi friends, let's all support this platform for Content Creators, and share our love with them since they have been banned from the centralised platform to speak, and this the only platform that can host them. Thank you very much for coming round to support this programme. I am @martins-steem!


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