Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why - Initiative by @theycallmedan

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Steemit has become for many active users the best opportunity to cultivate great friends and partnerships

Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why

Again the friend @theycallmedan has brought an initiative for all users of the blockchain of Steemit, in this opportunity he invites us to expose and mention who are those users who have become great allies and good friends.

And the question is: Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why? -

Steemit has become a place for me to meet and get to know many people, making some of those people great friends

To tell the truth I must admit that I'm a bit careless with the interaction that other users have with my blog, I have a bad habit of not voting or commenting on many of the posts that I visit daily, I know this is something negative because I do not let my fellow writers, readers and bloggers know that I consume their content.

...I'm trying to correct this....

Let's start

In these two long years here at Steemit I have met many people, some good and some not so good, today we will talk about those users who went through my PC screen and reached my heart

Who are these users?:

  • They are:
Fun facts
He knows every part of this vast ocean called Steemit
He calls himself the wizard of Steemit, certainly hides some magic in his charismatic personality
She wants to fill people's lives with joy and laughter, a charismatic and witty woman
He doesn't know it, but he's a genius, genuine and a very interesting guy
She's the kitchen witch at Steemit, her recipes make our mouths water

The story behind them

@minddive - Daniel

Daniel is an extraordinary boy, from the moment I met him at a Meet Up held in the city of San Cristobal I was pleasantly impressed by his charismatic personality and his mature personality, he is a boy who is dedicated to 3D design and shares the passion of physical activity and training as I do, we almost always talk, we have good contact, I have visited his home and know his family, thanks to Stemit I got to him! I am simply very lucky to have him among my favorite users!

Currently he is not very active on the platform due to strong problems with the internet, however I will take advantage of the occupation to encourage him to participate in this great dynamic.


Jonathan Villarroel has become a great friend, I admire his vocation of service and his humility, from the moment I met him I valued him very much, he is a very influential user and with a great trajectory, the trait that I respect most in him is his simplicity and humility. I am sure that he is an authentic human being with beautiful feelings.

I still don't know him in person, we have some differences but that's not a limitation to maintain a good friendship and affectionate relationship, he has an acceptable content and almost every day I'm checking his blog.


Angel Adrian is the name of this Wizard, Crisangel this boy has become a brother, both my person and my mother esteem him very much, I consider him one of the greatest gifts that the Steemit Block Chain has given me, a talented young man of extraordinary virtues and exceptional values, Crisangel went from being an ordinary user to a member of our family!

The super active with video games, I met him at the Sunday healings of the extinct @reveur community, he has come to my house however I have not been able to meet him in person.

We love you, brother!


I don't really remember how I met her, I think it was in the community of @radiosteemit, which is true that from the first moment she was very kind, funny with the witty messages she left me and very charismatic.

I don't know her personally but I could deduce that she is a very sweet and warm person, she tries to fill our lives with smiles and joy with her particular sense of humor.


I reached her through a community called @repollo if I remember correctly she was moderating the general chat channel and very kindly answered my questions. As time went by, a kind of trust started to emerge that ended up becoming a great friendship. She dedicates her blog to share her rich recipes and desserts. Thank you dear friend for giving me your trust and friendship!

I still don't know her in person, we interact almost every day by mobile phone and we are almost always passing on information about steemit.

These are some of the users I follow on a daily basis at Steemit however since the beginning of the year, I am actively following this other users:

@gaborockstar - @melinda010100 - @barbara-orenya - @juliakponsford among other users

Long live the #STEEM



Once again I would like to thank my friend @theycallmedan for making these dynamics that bring us closer together

Loves - Lives - Thanks


You want to know more about me?

The Gifs, Banners, Stripes and Layout are a product of my creativity


Thanks for reading me, see you in a future publication!!!


I still have a lot to tell

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