S-Curve Magic: How Mass Adoption Leads to Bizarre Crypto Prices

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In this video, I share a FREE extract from my "Download My Brain" course that touches on the subject of adoption curves, and how crypto is uniquely positioned to be the first ever 'investible' S-curve.

Considering the price levels we've already witnessed with just 1% of global internet users, we could witness some utterly bizarre valuations once we achieve meaningful adoption from larger segments of the population.

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Great break-down. People usually adopt technology because it makes life easier: Bitcoin is one of those pieces of technology that will make your life freer.

Although the price is not predictable, you have enough interesting views and the way you present it makes us alert to your posts. Keep it up: 3

Hi your brain looks like a big marshmallow hehehe, so interesting point of view and i share your point it's just a curve of adoption to see the price booming the key point is what altcoin will have big prices after bitcoin? i think the money is ther. Blessings

Let’s get rich with bitcoin! 🤣

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That chart there and the wonderful description behind it is really awesome I mean I can relate with the early adopters the early majority, the late majority as well, but the ones who are the laggards definitely hit me. And the fact that they're like 10% definitely shows that with the rate Crypto us going not a whole lot of people are lagging, but at the end of the day, the early adopters aren't quite really Many, imagine of they were. Amazing video buddy. The prices we eanyt might just be in the offfing but well we definitely play a role too.

Great. Your review are outstanding

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Bitcoin prices become strange because the rise and fall of prices can occur at any time and in very large fluctuations. People can be rich or poor in one night.

Thank you for this review, it's really insightful!

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