Last Dip Before Bitcoin Moons in 2020?

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In this video, we'll be taking a look at fil₿fil₿'s 12-month price prediction for the price of Bitcoin.

While I'm not the biggest fan of technical analysis, I like these charts because they align with the stock to flow model and on-chain analytics data that are all predicting a very strong 2020.

If fil₿fil₿'s work is accurate, then we could be about to witness the final "dip" or flat consolidation phase before the price makes a run for $20k and beyond by mid-2020.

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This video alone just pumped up bitcoin $300 jk 😅😂

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Wish I did have that kind of influence 🤣

Timing is everything ;) nice little uptrend on the go!!!

You do not predict prices, you follow the trend.

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Thanks for your video! I'm somewhat tired of all these price predictions for Bitcoin. I do the same as you , just 'dollar cost average' for Bitcoin and a few other ALT coins.
In the coming downturn/crash, as national debt in all countries just keeps rising to ridiculous levels, more and more credit,, precious metals and Bitcoin will serve you well. What I am certain of is that Bitcoin will rise - not to the moon but way beyond our planets.

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Most of the crypto youtubers are speaking about this 12-month forecast , what makes this analysis significant?

Thank you for the video @louisthomas. I learnt something

I think the most crypto enthusiast are predicting btc growth every year, but ...

According to Bitcoin's weekly chart, the price seems to be squeezed after 41 weeks. During this period, there will be price increases and decreases.

I think we'll hit all time highs within 2 months. I could see crashing to that parabolic support in Feb/March though for sure. I'm also expecting a halving dump from mid April to early June.