Bakkt Officially Launching September 23rd - A Big Deal?

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In this clip from my recent livestream, we discuss the official launch date for Bakkt, and how significant this is for Bitcoin & crypto investors.

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I’m thinking it’s great for long term as more adoptions happens but in the micro (now to 12) months it’s not a big deal... it will take time 😀

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Does this mean that crypto currency’s are becoming more mainstream. Ps sound and vision good. Cheers mike

Crypto is still ways away from being mainstream...

It is always a pleasure watching your videos you always posted

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Onboarding in a much more easier manner and also, great liquidity for Bitcoin, this is definitely a breaking point for me, whether it launches on the 23rd or not despite the delays I believe it'll definitely launch in September and it's showing promises really. Great update about Bakkt really. Can't wait

I think the Bakkt launch
will be welcomed positively by crypto lovers. The more crypto coins launched will increase competition in the blockchain. But I think bitcoin remains at the forefront. People still believe that bitcoin is the main coin crypto .

It feels like a bit of an anti climax after waiting this long for them to get regulatory approval. ICE is a pretty big exchange but so was CME so anything could happen.

100% delayed. They have done it so many times. The price pf bitcoin will dip and they’ll make some statement about liquidity and cancel.

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Another gateway for institutions and even merchants which could help adoption accelerate so I do think it is a big deal. Even a bigger deal that the market has not reacted to the news!

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Yes it is a great for bitcoin in mid term because it helps bitcoin seek the attention of Institutional and Traditional Investors and also brings in great liquidity into the market.

Bakkt to the future...

Great news for every crypto lovers. Thanks for this post.

Happy to see your videos on the Steem blockchain. 👏🏽

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