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RE: Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

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One question.... What again is the prerequisite for people to post on 3speak? I know youre all for freedom of speech but theres this girl that does what is basically a dress up commercial on 3speak which you voted up to the top of the trending page.

Nothing against her or the fact shes up there, im just curious as to if all content is now allowed on 3speak. Not just controversial stuff that might get demonetized elsewhere.


All content has always been allowed

Hmm. I did read the questionnaire you had and it seemed that you rejected those that didnt have demonetizable content.

Alright , thx for the info.

it was in the first few months. after that they made it "free" for all (it is not free :D )

Not to mention people playing game videos. I also thought it was about free speech.

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Free speech means all speech, gamers included.

Semantics. And dress it as you wish, the philosophy of the platform has changed.