My 1st Video on 3Speak | Splinterlands Daily quest Drunken Style

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What's up everyone?

My name is Haris or @knowhow92 on Steem and this is my first even upload on 3speak. I've been uploading all my content on @dtube but since I always wanted to give 3speak a try I decided to diversify my upload options. From now on I am gonna be uploading videos on both @dtube and

My first video on 3speak is about gaming and more specificaly about one of my favourite games called @Splinterlands. In this video I completed my daily quest in order to earn my daily rewards which was to win 3 games without using Neutral monsters. Not my favourite quest but at the same time not the hardest one!

By the way, I was and I still am kind of drunk! It's a celebration day in Greece and I drunk a little more than usual today!Hehehe!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me guys, means a lot.
Much love and stay safe!

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