Playing TavernGames, latest game on STEEM

in hive-100421 •  7 months ago 

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The newest game using STEEM blockchain with automatic withdrawals and provably fair. I like the job done here and think they should get more people playing it. If you want to get some extras after you log in under referrals add me - kingscrown so we both get something i think.

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A two minute screencap with no commentary, really @threespeak, @oracle-d?

Well, the current features of the tavern are shown..
As I didn't find any such video yet imo it is ok to do no commentary.
Maybe kingscrown is shy? ^^

This is just a promotion video, so stop being so harsh

I have no issue with the content, it's just not $70 good. I'm disagreeing with the rewards, and mainly disagreeing with the folks that gave them the bulk of those rewards. They have a long track record of boosting low effort videos. If that's harsh, so be it.

dude! that's purest form of art!
the post should be rewarded with 140 stu instead of 70 :(

Yeah, I think the Chainsmokers would also appreciate their track being applied to such a monetized masterpiece.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Well I like the interface and all but it all seems familiar. I'm looking out for something more mainstream but different. My idea is steemchess. I don't even know how I'm going to get it off the ground.

PS: I also noticed you unfollowed me

Hi @belemo
We wanted to start with something known, but already under development we have something new. For now I can't say more :) Follow us and I hope in few weeks you will see the results.
(btw: if you join our discord you can see some spoilers :) )

Alright. I'll bite. Followed

If you want steemchess I hope our next game will be what are you waiting for

I'm going to try it and see.

add kingscrown as referal if you can, well get some boxes ;)

Wait for news about "PvP game" :)

Is it playable by android smartphone ??

@mhzim Yes. It is playable on mobile phones.

good game i wana go to play

Join us on: and try out for free by getting rookie chest from on-boarding!

consider to put "kingscrown" inside referal page as refferer :)

I put you as my referrer :)

Damn that a pretty nice looking game.
Wish them luck, I'll try it out next week :P .
!tip 0.1

consider to put "kingscrown" inside referal page. costs nothing and ill get some box lol

Thanks @sames!

🎁 Hi @kingscrown! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @sames!

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that should be fun

It is! Check out for free :)

To be honest, the game seems to only focus to spend money on the hope to get more. ;)

Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Actually it is (atm) the fairest gambling place I found on Steem.

Chances are very fair for the players (imo even too much ^^ still fear that the tavern will go bankrupt).

We will see when the game will be playable. :)

The first game of the tavern, the dice roll against the mighty "Goblin Prince" is already online in its second season ^^

Game is playable under
You can also check out us for free by following the on-boarding steps.