Playing TavernGames Live

in hive-100421 •  6 months ago 

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New dApp on STEEM blockchain. Register with link so we both get some free chests. The game is super fun and easy. The creators will add more games later as i have heard.

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The tavern rocks :-)

Still looking forward to the new promised games in the next few weeks.

P.S: The voice in the video though.. creeps me out a bit ^^

i hope they come soon indeed :)
dont have bad dreams due to the voice lol

wow i love this game. have great wish to play. but may i create sperate account for this game. what do you say about it.? boom boom

Feel free to create separate account for this game :)

Will chexk it out later.

We're waiting for you! :)

Hi, I am not sure if I missed the info, but what is the maximum Gems that can exist in a bag? 100? It's not obvious.

Hi @forykw,
You can check the game rules by going to the Rules on the screen with Goblin (top right). There you can find the minimum and maximum amount that can exist in a bag.
Maxiumum amount of gems is 12 for your sack and 13 for Goblin's sack. Minimum is 2 for your sack and 1 for Goblin's sack.
Goblin Prince is High low cards based game.

I hope I helped you with my answer! :)

Yep, thanks.

go and play ;)