A Book Review; Mellexy; Through Your Eyes By Lanre Sonde

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Hello there @josedicus here on 3speak and today I'm doing a book review titled

Mellexy; Through Your Eyes by Lanre Sonde the guy you know as @dante31

The book famously have it's back cover by the very beautiful one @hiddenblade . It's an antology that expresses the yearning of the soul. It's combination of mellow plus Sexy is a kind of gentle beauty that revuberates passion as well as by a combustible desire to sometimes embrace Fantasy, reality and something extra terrestrial as well. It's the heart's musing a delicate touch of rhythm, Imageries as well as metaphor, in this video I discuss about the book qualities and why it beats it for it.

So what are you waiting for?

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Thanks a million

Thanks for the review mate

You're welcome buddy. Mellexy to the world.