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Greetings artists and art lovers

Welcome to my little art blog, I present a new video this time of dance, where I accepted a challenge from my friend to dance in the rain, but as it was improvisation we ended up taking the video when it stopped raining after so many attempts, I hope that You can appreciate and enjoy this video, if you like what I do your support will fill me with courage and motivation. To follow, a comment will always please the author ...

I hope you like it!

It is a pleasure to show you my art through a video, I hope that the next few minutes will be entertaining for you and that it can bring some value to the community and the facilities of the 3Speak platform

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I really liked the choreography with loose movements and well executed. Excellent your dance partner. Spectacular both under the rain. Many successes.

My dance partner now has the flu, for dancing in the rain 😂, but she is the guilty hopefully better because this video really looked great, thanks for commenting 🤗

@jordangerder, Really cool one and in my opinion Rain always excites us and encourage us to dance with joy. Keep up and keep enjoying your Dancing Journey. Stay blessed.

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hey thanks for commenting, dancing is life, no matter the time or place while there is passion we will enjoy the moment, greetings, I'm glad you like it 🤗

Welcome and you've described it very beautifully. Stay blessed.

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O sea, aparte bailas muy bien. Que éxito.

Jeje muchas gracias amiga 🤗

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