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Well - We are booting up again. The Steeming Pile is (intended to be) a show by and for Steemians. An open show where we invite any and all to come in, say Hi, and share their experiences and efforts on the Steem Blockchain.

This week we featured the OpenSeed project and talk about that and Open Link with @andrarchy. We also chatted about other #steemnews and happenings. Watch LIVE on Vimm - Feb 18th at 3p UTC/10a EST

More info on Open Seed and OpenLink

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A new concept and a new partner in crime @pennsif to help pull this off. Pardon our dust as we move forward on the next path for the show.

Our initial thoughts are to cover select topics for an hour and keep each topic (as best we can) to about 15 minutes. To kick it off we have selected about 5 topics that he and I want to focus on for the next 30 days: Content, Onboarding, Steem News, Personal Development, and Tribes/Communities. Please comment live or add your comments to this post on #steem to give us a heads up. You can be a featured guest, request a discussion on your work, or submit links for us to review.

We hope that you'll enjoy our new weekly show and we look forward to meeting and hearing from all of you.

The show will stream LIVE ON @vimm, @3Speak. Powered by #steem. The VOD will be uploaded to @3speak this week. We will consider other options now for audience building but felt that these two outlets are the best platforms to support steem and house our content.

Watch LIVE on Vimm -
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Here is last week's VOD

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@pennsif I think if all stake holders and communities will use their recource credits, we will be able to onboard a lot of people here. Me myself I'm the founder of @dcooperation , I can create up to 2 account a day, for free and instantly. @steevc have a tweet about that, he can also create accounts. I noticed @midlet commented that he has 100 claimed account. I think @exyle claimed a lot as well. I mean we can all work together to onboard as much as we can now while there is a fire in people to join. We have to benefit from the situation.

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