Life Is Nothing Without Family! An Emotional Story.

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A Very Touching Story of a Husband & Wife Relationship.

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Your video was is good, it is based on true love, affection, and warmth towards our family. As you said "Life is nothing without family", that is true,it is nothing without family. Life begins with family, but it doesn't mean every time life is nothing. As we all know we are mortal, we all have to leave sometime, who knows who will leave first. If someone lost his family, his life is not finished, of course, he might get depressed for some time but he doesn't have to be in it for his remaining whole life. He has to move on, he has to start his life in a better way.
It depends upon situations, some are those who don't have a family but still, their life is amazing and some are those who have family but their life is not good.
Thank you...

This story is so emotional,and the way you presented this story is outstanding.

This was a really intense video. I think while we always try to put it away, it's quite inevitable that at one point one might end up being along and that is for the ones lucky to find love. It's a very frightening thought indeed and a reality that is hard to live with.

Wow the video left me speechless... Really intense and very significant about the real relationship between two people and the sadness of seeing yourself alone at some point in your life ... a really moving video

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@jeffchannel, Without any doubt our life is Incomplete without family. Family Journey is most beautiful part of any individual.

But the most painful aspect is Separation which breaks our life and foundations and push us into the Phase Of Loneliness.

Have a peaceful time ahead and stay blessed.

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I agree with you. Yes it's true life is really nothing with a family we should never ignore our family.

You're right. Family is the most important thing in our lives. They are with us if we are rich or poor, healthy or sick. They always stick arround and support us mostly in any situation. Especially the closest people to us. Those are our real family who more likely never fail us.