Illustration of a Crypto Tree with Mentioning ThreeSpeak.

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Hello Everyone,
Here I am coming with my another video on ThreeSpeak. In this video I am doing a drawing of a Crypto tree. It contains bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin, Steem and ThreeSpeak also.

I am not a professional artist. But I love art something on my leisure time. Mostly I look to take photos with my mobile camera.

In my crypto tree I tried to tell a story with this drawing. This tree means every CryptoCurrencies are running with each other. Any cryptocurrency is not be gained without other support. All of them I like the #steem most. I attached 3speak on this tree for their biggest support. We can earn cryptocurrency by sharing our videos on ThreeSpeak. Thats why I love this Decentralized site most at Steemit Blockchain.

Thanks to @oracle-d and @threespeak for supporting. Thanks to @wesphilbin sir for his biggest support. Thanks to everyone for being with me.

Keep Supporting,

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