Comparing Revenue Between LBRY and Youtube.

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Today I compared my earnings since January 1, 2020 from LBRY and Youtube. The numbers when broken down are pretty amazing. LBRY crushes my Youtube earnings with a fraction of the views.

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@hilarski, could you please verify your account, by posting an announcement to one of your established, social media accounts, saying that you are posting to 3speak. Then post the link to the room #verifications in the 3speak discord server:

Thanks for the info! I actually heard of LBRY before a while back and almost signed up in the past, but, for some reason I did not. Now, after watching your video... I think I'm probably going to sign up tomorrow and give it a try! I appreciate the review, cheers.

Dive in! If you have questions, hit me up.

YOu can use this referral link and we both get 20 LBC.$/invite/@randyhilarski:2

Thanks! I used it a while back and got 40 LBC.
It's been almost a week now I think and my YouTube channel is still transferring over, so I don't have much to report. I browsed around and watched some videos and it looks nice, I have some questions and some doubts however... They've made it so there's not much risk or loss with the ability to sync the YouTube channel and automatically upload. What's to lose? I'll try it out. Thanks again and peace!

this should be interesting

Hi Thanks for the info, I'm gonna sign up, Aloha, Rich here in Hawaii