Australia Needs Your Help! - 3Speak Fundraising Campaign

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Greetings Steemians,

@threespeak is running a fundraising campaign to help with the wildfire disaster in Australia. 1% of rewards from threespeak videos are now set as beneficiary for @three4australia

The funding will go to WIRES and RFS. 50% to each for disaster relief efforts.

You can help fund the campaign by posting to threespeak or setting beneficiary and/or donating Steem/SBD to the beneficiary account listed above.

@maxigan has been covering the disaster from Australia, and has done a tremendous job with his efforts. I recommend having a look at his blog for more information about what is going on.

I've been following this for some time now, and feeling like there isn't anything I can do to help, so I'm very grateful threespeak has come up with this campaign, and this initiative gives us all the ability to be a positive impact. The more we have helping, the more we'll be able to achieve.

Thank you @threespeak for doing this.

Let's help the people of Australia!

Much love,

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Thank you so much futuba! From one small Australian, I thank you for your care and kindness 💕!

It is so heartbreaking what is happening. 😢 I hope you are staying out of harms way @veryspider, 💕 my heart goes out the the people of Australia, and I pray this will end soon.

Steemrewarding is not working. For unknown reason 🤔

That is strange, things are bound to break sometimes. Thank you for supporting @davidke20

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we all 3speak community with australia in this

Thank you for the support for Australia!

I am sorry for the forest fires in Australia. May God immediately extinguish the fire. In Islam we usually pray to Allah for rain. And it seems to have been done by Australian Muslims. The day after praying it rained in Australia. I hope that God will rain a lot to put out fires in Australia.