Out & Back on Slack line! Good to be on the line again!

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Today I set up the real slack line that I got at Mountain Gear, a full 80 foot line set at about 70 feet. I had been using 27 foot ratchet straps but they are a different type of webbing and don't have the flex of this one. I am really stoked to be able to walk the 140 feet total with the out and back considering I haven't walked a line in a couple years. This is going to be great for helping to get my core stronger for the climbing season this year. Between the slack line and the climbing wall on the house I am determined to get much stronger over the next months.

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wow great skill to walk in this way very easily, i think now you can cross high mountain with this skill

Trust me, it's not easy yet. By the time I finished the second lap my shoulders and arms were SUPER tired. It was all I could do to keep them up and balancing me! My body is not used to the movement yet. Super good workout though!