NextColony Animation & Rune Giveaway: Win One Of The Three Planet Boosters

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Hear, hear: The galactic council has send their messenger across the galaxy to spread the news of the now improved planetary booster Runes and give away one of each kind to a lucky winner. Here is the message in text, accompanying the video:

"Hello Earthlings,

the galactic @NextColony council has send me, to bring good news from Earths research facilities:

Thanks to improvements to Quantum-Laser technology, all runes will bring 100% higher boosts than at the begin of the great exodus from Earth.

That means that normal Runes bring now 20% booster for your planetary production, Mighty Runes 50% and Holy Runes entire 100% - Holy Moly.

All three types are available for your crystal 3D-Printers on the galactic online shop from NextColony, for an appropriate fee, to reimburse the developers – I mean the researchers from Earth.

Don’t hesitate too long: The matter for runes is drawn directly from the dark energy reserves of the universe. The energy condensed in the runes is massive and pulling too much energy from the ether will create space/time anomalies. To protect our reality, the number of total runes is limited and after the supply is depleted, the print designs will be deleted forever from the galactic servers.

But behold: Earth is sponsoring their research results in form of one rune each as a giveaway for some intel. All you have to do, is write a comment under this galactic video broadcast and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have an Alliance and what is its name?
  2. How can NextColony settlers contact you?
  3. What features for Alliances would you like to see from NextColony?

The giveaway ends 4 days after release of this post and the winners will chosen with the SteemFortune tool. And all comments will be upvoted by @flauwy with his whale power in all the valid Steem Tribe tokens.

So, what are you still waiting for?"

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Do you have an Alliance and what is its name?

  • sure. Uraniumfuture

How can NextColony settlers contact you?

  • Discord

What features for Alliances would you like to see from NextColony?

  • Ingame Übersicht, wer zu welcher Allianz gehört.
  • Allianzen-Übersichtsseite mit weiteren Informationen

Do you have an Alliance and what is its name?

  • Uraniumfuture

How can NextColony settlers contact you?

  • via Discord

What features for Alliances would you like to see from NextColony?

an internal area like a Guildpage on SteemMonsters.

I have played NextColony since it first launched and followed it’s development before most people even knew about it.
I had no luck finding a planet and then recently I have been getting hit , so now I am putting everything into the defence of what resources I am producing and trying to use up my resources to discourage further attacks.

Before I go any further, I just want to point out I am not complaining as this is part of the game and I am using strategy to continue to grow.

The alliance I am in is called Eager Active Raiders of noobs or EARN for short. We started out as an alliance on SteemNova and quickly branched out into Drugwars, Splinterlands and Hashkings. When NextColony came out we all jumped on board.

We have our own discord you can join if you wish to contact us.
Alternatively you can find me on NextColony, BattleGames or VimmTv discord’s. Just mention or DM me to get my attention. I have a wife , kids and a job so don’t get upset if I don’t respond right away. I will get to you as soon as I can.

Reduced fight time for movement of fleets and resources between allies.

Alliance starbase that your alliance can make contributions to development and defence.

A one time use of an alliance teleport that can be used to teleport one of your planets you have found ( not alpha), to your starbase ( if alliance starbase’s become part of the game) or leader of the alliance .

These are a few alliance features I would love to see come to the game.

Thanks for reading.

Have an awesome day!

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Do you have an Alliance and what is its name?

  • Buildteam alliance

How can NextColony settlers contact you?

  • On the official next colony discord

What features for Alliances would you like to see from NextColony?

  • Ingame alliances display and message systems

Dachcolony is my home, also other settlers could contact me in the dachcolony discord (better send a transaction with comment, as I‘m not often in discord).
The feature I like to see first ist stable game play, fix delays and bugs, then add Alliance features.

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I mean, right now there is 2.3 hrs delay. Unplayable. Its ridiculous. I f**** want to play, NOW. Meh. =>

Hey Flauwy:

  1. No I don't have a Colony Alliance, but I'll definitely create my own 'Space Revengers' group.
  2. Hit me Mane#1278 in discord or write a nice comment with @manniman in one of my NC Posts
  3. Common Spacebases with Jumpgates, Battle Grouping, internal Trade/Tax System, shared Shipyard features, Overview over allied Missions, Diplomatic Status Views, Territory Ownership.. stuff like that :))

greetings, grand flauwy

Excelent animation, man!!! thank you for share with us!!!!!

Do you have an Alliance and what is its name?
I don't, I am new. Which one is newbie friendly?
How can NextColony settlers contact you?
What features for Alliances would you like to see from NextColony?

The same I would like to see for the whole project: spanish translation.
I will offer myself for that.

I love this charming citizen of the Milky Way , hope he'll show himself to us again. Very well done.

As a proud member of the dachcolony i can hardly wait for the guild function. ;-)

  ·  9 months ago (edited)


Hey @flauwy very nice animation!

  1. I'm not yet part of any alliance.
  2. Can contact me on discord, DarthGexe#8139. I am not very active but I enter daily
  3. Ranks within the alliance with different levels of privileges, chat channel, view of allied missions, wars between alliances and a diplomatic system, shared bases, quantum leaps, group attacks, and defenses... all will be cool

We will also vote on comments after a few days.

Have fun!

You put a smile on my face. (:

Greetings colonists. The alliance to which it belongs is the DELTA-CLAN. To contact you must contact any of the directors, with whom I had the first contact to enter was with my good friend @ unique.sprit. In this clan I have achieved everything you could wish for a brotherhood: they have taught me many things about the game, they treat me with a lot of appreciation (I ask a lot and sometimes I annoy others) ha, ha, ha, truthfully you feel an atmosphere of real brotherhood, where they help me in everything they can.

For the game I would like to see a market or reward system that makes things flow in the game, that gives it an incentive beyond the fun that some of us have in managing resources. Another thing I would like is to implement a system where you can send multiple missions at once, that one selects from once up to 5 or more missions, and that a little more speed to send missions. I thought to put that in help, but I have already bothered a lot with the list of planets and well, thank you have updated that and I can go through my list from the first to the last in a very easy way, I think that's a good improvement and I hope that as well as that, go by adapting every detail to make the game much better.

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