NextColony Giveaway: 3 Battleship Blueprints and 22k Stardust

in threespeak •  9 months ago  (edited)

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Earth is at its finest again and has send the galactic messenger once more to announce the next NextColony giveaway. Come and join the fun!

Today, you can win:

  • Corvette Petunia Blueprint
  • Frigate Redmill Blueprint
  • Destroyer Janus Blueprint
  • 22,000 Stardust

All you have to do is to answer the question from the video and will qualify for the giveaway, which ends in two days from now.

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My colonists deserve a price because they are working hard since the first day of this game and didn't have any day off yet =(

My colonists deserve a blue print because it is gonna help me to grow bigger. I am not sure the use of stardust but It will be useful later. It is useful for building Wonder.

LoL, that animation is cute and accent too. My colonist deserves to be a 'lucky' winner because I have the lowest fleet per planet ratio against the first three (3) commentors before me and I made "Hello World"

My colonists deserve a prize because they are working on building as many ships as they can, and exploring as many tiles as possible all with the intent of staying peaceful if they can, but protecting themselves if pushed.

Awesome animations as always!!! I believe the colonists of @manniman deserve, and really need, these blueprints. I have also experienced being under constant attacks by a more powerful player, and it can be very demoralizing; sometimes to the point of wanted to abandon the game. I spent a month and a half under these conditions, with no help. With these blueprints, a strong Shield Generator and Bunker and some patience, maybe the colonists of @manniman can feel inspired to continue having hope for a fair chance to enjoy a better gaming experience!

They live under siege since 2 Weeks now, they really deserve recognition for their endurance.

I am rather new to Next Colony, infact I am still on my very first planet! I don't know if my colonist "deserve" any of these awesome gifts but they sure would appreciate being one of the lucky winners because it would really be a game changer for them. It would help to advance their agenda and make it possible to start exploring other planets sooner, also making game play incredibly more fun..

Up until this point my colonist have been stuck in the mundane tasking of mining and building only, so starting to explore the galaxy with a top end ship or some stardust could definitely help bring up the moral on planet Ganjica!

Thanks for this awesome opportunity 😁👍

My colonists deserve a price because the first and only ship they learnt to build wasn't an explorer, and...
Well... These ships you mentioned aren't explorer neither... Sooo... My people were born to fly these ships, while these ships were build to be piloted by my dudes. Isn't it obvious enough ?! o.O
(Great animation, btw ;) )

i think i deserve to win this give away because your alien in the UFO looks pretty cool and has slime coming out of his nose. i thought it was funny. my fleet is small and could use the extra stardust and ships.

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Edit: You have more time to participate! The winner will be announced next weeks Tuesday or Wednesday, because I have to go offline for a few days. :)

Sounds good bro, hope you enjoy your time offline! :0)

Was this giveaway cancelled?

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Nope but I went deep into the jungle and wasn't able to finish it before anymore. Just returned yesterday and hope to announce the winner today.

For sure, thats cool man..

Deep in the jungle? That sounds epic.. Hope u enjoyed ur time away from society and this rat race we call life.. #NatureRocks

The game is interesting, but it takes too long to find a planet, those blueprints would be an amazing help in speeding up the process in the game.

Hopefully not too late yet! Haha.. very nice animated personage indeed, was quite fun to watch.. so why the deserve? Because of daily hard working on exploring the galaxy and working, working, working... no rest days, noway! :D

Cheers mate